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Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
« on: 03 Aug 2021, 07:49 »


Back in May 2021, I finished a short MAGS game called Fhaloness. That was my first time working with AGS again in a long while and rekindled my enthusiasm for this wonderful tool. I really enjoyed putting that game together and as many players figured out, Fabian and Sylvana's journey is far from complete.

Rather than starting "a second game" I've decided to add onto the original MAGS game. So I'll be re-releasing that game when it's finished. The MAGS entry will be rebranded to "Prologue" and the next new area will be called "Chapter 1". I've currently planned 5 chapters but may drop down to 4 if it turns out there isn't enough content to fill the game...

Onto some work-in-progress screenshots!


Inspired by my old-school love for Betrayal at Krondor, the game will come equipped with story-screens that either enrich the environment or offer a short mini-game (similar to what Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pillars of Eternity have been doing).

Chapter 1 finds Fabian on his path to the city of Aeramor where he hopes to book passage to the Isle of Fhaloness.

In case you get lost, there's a handy map feature readily available in the menubar!

Travelling through the woods of Landerion is not for the faint of heart...

Yes, the game has a battle system!



- graphics 90%
- puzzles 100%
- scripting 90%
- music/sound 90%

I'm reworking some areas of the prologue to fit in with the wider narrative, so some work has to be done...

Chapter 1:

- graphics 30%
- puzzles 80%
- scripting 40%
- music/sound 10%

Chapter 2 - 5:
0% (Apart from some plot outlines and puzzle ideas!)

Closing notes

As I've been working on this game, it's evolved into a RPG/Point-and-Click hybrid game. I'm really quite proud of the fact that, being such an amateur scripter, I've been able to put together a fully functional battle system (with 12 character levels) using a simple variation of the d20 System, including a levelling up system, a skill-based system (for some interesting dialog options as well).

Since this is a passion project I'm only able to work on in my free time, I'm very hesitant to put any deadline on this one. By breaking the game up into smaller chapters I know it's much easier to hit milestones, which works very well for me. So Chapter 1 is manageable. Right now I've scripted the whole game sequence, but there's an awful lot of drawing, composing & writing still left to do. All core systems are in place, all room transitions work, puzzles function, but it's very, very bare bones.

If you want to help...

Please, please help me spread the word, in any way shape or form. If you want to tweet about this game, please do. The current version (Prologue only) is available on Itch.Io. Please follow me there, leave a comment, anything to help raise the profile of this little game. I'll be sharing more and more updates as we move forward.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what I've cobbled together so far.  :)


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Re: Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
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Hey, this looks great and it's super exciting to see a combat system in an adventure game.  Of course, my earliest loves were also weird hybrids of the genre like Quest for Glory and the abovementioned Betrayal at Krondor so it's fun to see new crossovers and mashups.  I'll follow you on Twitter, too, but I don't see your handle posted here anywhere.  Good luck with your game and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.


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Re: Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
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Je artwork ziet er geweldig uit en een adventure game met combat system (adv/rpg hybrid) is altijd tof. Love de palette keus van de achtergrond (bos, bergen en lucht) in de eerste 2 screenies.
Ben benieuwd naar de release!

Lovely artwork and an adventure game with a combat system (adv/rpg hybrid) is a right down my alley. Love the palette choice for the background (forest, mountains and air) in the first 2 screenies.
Can't wait to see this one being released!


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Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
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Hi both,

Thanks (or: Dankjewel) for your kind comments!

Regarding Twitter, I'm not on there (have a work-related account but hardly ever use it), just not the platform "for me" I think. I might have to reconsider in the future, since it appears to have a very active indie community, but for now I'm trying to live without. :)

Re: Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
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Looks fantastic, that's a sweet choice of colors.

Best of luck with the project, can't wait to see how the story develops!

Re: Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
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I played your game and I liked the art, story and music so far. I will follow you on itch.io as well. Good luck with your project!  :-D

Re: Fhaloness - Chapter 1 now in production
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COOL project!  ì 8-0
Great idea for the combat system.  8-)
I would like to know more to create something similar in my future games.  (nod)
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