Author Topic: Sprite Jam: Film Noir (Open til Oct. 2)  (Read 66 times)

Sprite Jam: Film Noir (Open til Oct. 2)
« on: 20 Sep 2021, 00:16 »

It was a hot day in September, too hot. When it's too hot, people commit fewer crimes, which is great for most people, but not me. I'm a detective. The leaves were falling from the trees, and I'd have to find a tree to live in myself if I didn't get a case soon. Then SHE walked in...

...or he, or they, or it, or whatever! Your mission is to create a film-noir character to enter the detective's office with a case to solve. A femme-fatale? A crime boss? A wounded street thug? An angry city official? A lost kitten? You decide! And to make it even more noir, entries should be in Black & White (that is, greyscale.) Don't forget to tell us why they want to hire the detective!

The contest will run until October 2, and then voting will continue until October 9. Happy Sleuthing!