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AlphaBlock - In Production
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Somewhere in the Block, unit E-60 enters a testing range that will push his puzzling abilities to their limit. Go forth, solve puzzles, get Block-Points, live to tell the tale.

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The purpose? Ripe, fresh testing data for the BlockCorp.
The risks? Perfectly safe! We promise!
The reward? An Offical BlockCorp Workplace Coffee Break & Relaxation Event. With real coffee*!

*Real coffee pending - official BlockCorp ersatzstreamlined coffee will be available at the conclusion of the testing range.

BlockCorp would like to wish you a happy and productive day!

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AlphaBlock is a small, Sierraesque puzzle game that I am making, featuring buttons, switches and a friendly computer to help you on your way. There will be score to earn, and Limited Edition Non-Denominational Spring Celebration Eggstm to find. Beat the puzzles, and win a coffee break!

Progress thus Far:

Graphics: 70%
Puzzles: 60%
Sounds and Music: 10%
General Scripting: 75%

It is proceeding steadily, and will most likely be in a presentable state by October. The bulk of the game is completed, it is mostly a matter of cutscenes, polish and a few remaining puzzles. It is only a trifle of a thing, but it has been an excellent opportunity to learn. I think it will be more than worthy of releasing when it is done.

Will be available in English and in Swedish. It will feature mild violence and mild swearing.

Keep an eye out for AlphaBlock - and watch this space!