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Flight from the Robots
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Here's a Hints and Tips thread for “Flight from the robots”.

Let's start off with a general one: Don't try to examine things with the left mouse button. You'll make Ian interact with them instead which will usually turn out to be something different than you had in mind. (Use the right mouse button to examine things.)
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Re: Flight from the Robots
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Here are some hints and tips from the “Emergency saw” minigame.

So what's the solution?
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There isn't any fixed solution. It's determined dynamically when you first look at the puzzle screen and changes from game to game.

It's a five-symbol code; the symbols needn't be different from each other.
Note that you have infinite guesses to find the solution. The guesses and their feedback on the right side of the screen simply scroll down.

What do the feedback diodes mean?
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Each green diode stands for a symbol of your guess that is in its correct position.
Ignoring those symbols, then each amber diode stands for a symbol of your guess that is part of the solution (but is not in the right position).
The red diodes fill up the line.

I can't make heads or tails of the puzzle. So is there any way to shortcut it?
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When you're looking on your puzzle screen, save your game.
Look into your savegame folder (under Windows 10, this will be C:\Users\YourUsername\Saved Games\Flight from the robots). There's a file “safe_combination.bmp” in there that contains the solution to the minigame.

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