Author Topic: Sprite Jam: The Mysterious Woods (Open until November 13)  (Read 62 times)

The Mysterious Woods

I've been watching Over the Garden Wall, which is perfect for this time of year.  It inspired me to think of other, similar media, which in turn seemed like a great concept for a Sprite Jam.

It's autumn.  Days are shorter and colder.  Nights are longer and full of mystery.

You and your best friend have come out to the woods for some camping, cocoa, and s'mores.  After an evening of laughter, after your friend has fallen asleep, you think you hear a shuffling outside the tent that doesn't sound like the wind.  You pause, hold your breath.  You were alone out here, what could that have been?  Time passes, but you hear nothing more.

You think maybe it would be a good idea to grab your flashlight and go take a look, just to be sure.  Summoning your courage, you unzip the tent flap very slowly.  You put on your shoes and step out into the dead quiet of the night.  You turn on the flashlight, but a fog has settled and the light is useless.  You wander by moonlight for several minutes without seeing so much as a squirrel.  As you are about to turn to walk back to your camp, suddenly you see....

So for this Sprite Jam, let's see something you might find out there in The Mysterious Woods!  It can be a character, creature, object, or whatever, as long as it's a sprite!

The last day for entries will be November 13th.  Voting will then take place until November 20th.

Have fun, and good luck out there!