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That's a shame.   :cry:

Like I said, the game looks brilliant.  But since I don't support DRM, I won't be buying it from steam.

But I'll gladly give you my money when it's DRM-free. 

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--- Quote ---But... only steam?   :sad: :sad: :sad:
Any plans for a DRM-free release, so we're not forced to use the steam client?
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For now, yes, and it will probably be so during its promotion.
Later on I will look at the issue of taking it to more platforms because the issue of giving options is something that interests me a lot.

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Darth Mandarb:
I have split the DRM Discussion off to a new topic and moved it to General Discussion so you can continue (if you want).

Let's keep this thread about its game please, thanks! 8-)

I'm currently working on the translations and voice-overs for the Demo... there might even be a surprise for one of these three languages!
(Portuguese translation will be revised in the next weeks, English and Spanish are ready :D)

Yeah, I really get some Flight of the Amazon Queen vibes from the screenshots. Looks great, definitely going on my steam wishlist!

Thanks so much Rincewind! There have already been several people who have pointed out the Flight of the Amazon Queen vibe.
I'm willing to accept any favorable comparisons haha, but I think the tone of FOTAQ is much more delusional to what I'm aiming for!
But yeah! I guess the pulp nature of the stories can take us down similar paths!


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