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User Interface: Colours and Colour Blindness
« on: 02 Mar 2020, 11:14 »
I am currently working on a little machine-man game. The general user interface that I have in mind would use a sort of two-colour computer system style. It is a basic Sierra-esque game at a resolution of 320 by 200.

What I have found is that this combination of dark and light shades of green work quite well for the purpose. However, I am unsure of how this will look to others. I am fairly sure that I have ordinary colour vision, but I believe that it may look different to someone else. I have a very loose grip on colours in general, and could use some opinion on the matter. It may well be utterly eye-searing for anyone else.

Further, I would like to know what trouble it may cause to someone who is colour-blind. Does this combination blot out the text entirely, or is it at sufficient contrast to still be readable? Would mouse-over effects help?

Basic sample:

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Lorem ipsum stream of consciousness quite unrelated.

This would be the style of the general user interface. Dark green boxes with light green borders and text. Buttons will have text in a yellow shade, to infer that they are clickable (yellow = interactable, in this context). They will also display a second border around them when moused over. Buttons with images on them (such as the verb selectors) will be highlighted on mouse-over in that same yellow shade.

So, is it a tolerable set of colours for general use? Is it reasonably friendly to colourblind users? And if not, what else could be done to help them?

Thank you kindly. Do forgive the simpleness of this topic, but one would like to develop good GUI habits early, and to not have to possibly re-colour the entire project later on.


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Re: User Interface: Colours and Colour Blindness
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Use this: https://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/
To test your image with various types of colour blindness. You can upload your image, then try each option to see what it looks like.

I just did it, and in my opinion, it's actually nicer to look at and more readable if you HAVE colour blindness.


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Re: User Interface: Colours and Colour Blindness
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As far as I know about colour blindness, what they don't see is the colour not the bright/contrast variation. So if the colours are different in intensity, then it won't matter what colour you use (much). A good way might just turn your image B&W, if you can distinguish everything, then there's a good chance they will as well.  ;)

And yes, I agree with Danzare, those colours hurt the eyes.  8-0 Maybe cut down a bit on the saturation/brightness/intensity? just a tinny so we don't have to wear sun glasses to play the game.  (laugh)
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Re: User Interface: Colours and Colour Blindness
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Thank you kindly for the suggestions! That excellent simulator will prove most useful in the future. Very handy, indeed.

I made a little mock-up composite, and ran it through the simulator in different modes. It jolly well works, I find!

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I lowered the intensivity of the highlight-green somewhat, to make it less searing. I would say that it is quite blindness-proofed, now.

Thank you kindly for your suggestions! They have been most useful. Happily, it seems that accommodating for colour blindness and such will not prove very difficult. Many thanks indeed!

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Re: User Interface: Colours and Colour Blindness
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I never thought about if color blind see certain  images well.But it doesnt really matter because only a few colorblind people have effected brightness/contrast because of that.
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