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Lost on Cow Island Demo
« on: 20 Oct 2021, 02:44 »
I finally managed to clear enough space on my HD to play the demo of Lost on Cow Island. But now I wonder if I have downloaded some in-between version by accident.
When I couldn't find more to do, I checked the walkthrough text file that came along inside the zip file. Curiously, this file doesn't correspond with the demo I'm playing. There are no matches in the room next to the farmer, nor is there a pipe in the horse's trailer. Additionally, it looks like the walkthrough suggests that the demo ends after talking to the goth girl and the Venus Flytrap. It doesn't. The first time I entered the shop, the girl wasn't there at all. (Or I didn't notice her, but I don't really believe that.) It's possible to go further and talk to the assayer in the jewelry shop on the next screen.

Does this make any sense? Have I got a demo version without an ending? Have anyone played this and finished it?