Author Topic: Errors when trying to edit a room created from a template  (Read 158 times)

Hello ags users,

whenever I create a new room from a custom room template and try to edit it, AGS shows these three error messages in sequence (the first two images refer to the same popup):

I read a similar topic but the errors didn't seem the same as mine and I was suggested to open a new one, since its last reply was dated 2014.

Thanks to everyone who will help me  :smiley:

It looks like either room template is corrupted, or was made in a old version of AGS, and not supported by the new editor.

If it's necessary, I might probably be able to tell more if you send me this room template.

Thanks for your help.

The template has been createad in the same instance of AGS where I want to use it, and its version is 3.5.0.

The room the template has been created out of has no background and has a bunch of event handler in the script file.
A strange thing I noticed is that the code in the script file of the new room (created using the template) is cut in the middle of a function.

Here's the template file, in case you need it:

Thank you for your time.
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