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AVC's Survival Guide
« on: 24 Nov 2021, 12:30 »
AVC's Survival Guide is a completed and commercial game (obviusly, done with AGS  ;) ).

It's an FMV adventure game. Humor and laughs are guaranteed. You can visit our website with all the info about it:

The game is available for Windows and MacOs, with texts and voices in English and Spanish (it's Spanish title is "Guía de Supervivencia en CAV").

The Plot:

The T.V. was on and the 8 mm projector was unceasingly turning... It was at that moment that Tony TheFly's alarm clock rang: it was Monday, which meant he had to attend the editing lecture... and he would be late again!

Tony was in the Audiovisual Communication study programme and he had been asked to carry out the whole process for making a short film, but things would not be easy...

Classmates would not feel like hard working (for free, obviously), his "wacky" flatmate, a goblin living in inhospitable places, a phone out of battery... in short, as unreal as life itself!


    More than 60 locations, carefully filmed in high resolution.
    No command typing… it includes point & click technology!
    Relentless jabs, and cryptic in-jokes only smart people will understand.
    No need for buying additional downloadable content… We believe that you should not pay more than 20€ for a computer game!

Free Demo:


Where to buy?

    Digital Edition ($4.99):
    Physical Edition (€ 12.99):


Trailer on YouTube:


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Re: AVC's Survival Guide
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The game looks really good.  Congrats on releasing your first adventure game.   :smiley:

Re: AVC's Survival Guide
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I've played the demo for this a bit.

I guess this is a student project, made on campus in Cordoba? The game does a good job of showcasing the campus and telling the player all about it and what you may find there. You get points for finding information about the campus and student life in general, not just for advancing the story or completing assigned tasks or puzzles. I believe the primary target group will be Spanish-talking people who know the University or wants to study there, although it's no hassle playing for anyone else either. But I think the game will be most appreciated by those familiar with the locations, or by those who can learn their way around before coming there.  :-D

As the game progresses, we get to see the equipment the protagonist will use for his own film project, and this is probably the same that has been used for the game. Maybe the game is the product of the same task the students in the game receives?

While I may not spend money on this, I still think it's a pleasant experience. The grade will most likely be good! The game has run smoothly as far as I have played. There are far more locations than items/characters, which adds to my thoughts about this game being used to learn one's way around campus. Some of the jokes are internal, like jabs at the odonthology students attending the same school, some are references to known works like Back to the Future or Monkey Island.  The English pronounciation has a heavy Spanish accent, but there are subtitles, so it's not hard to understand. Spanish speakers should choose Spanish sound, though.

Congratulations on the release and good luck with your grades! (Is the professor in the game your real professor, perhaps?)  ;) I would not mind seeing more games from you.

Re: AVC's Survival Guide
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I finished the demo with 206 of 237 points. I'm not sure if the 237 is the max in the full game or in the demo - I probably missed some points by choosing the dialogue options that advanced the game before doing everything else a couple of times. The end credits just about confirms that this is a student project. Pretty cool!