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Working Title: Blooded Fields II
« on: 06 Dec 2021, 09:37 »
Hello, everyone,

Babar and I have decided to finish the second part of Blooded Fields, which we started at the beginning of 2019.

To be honest, we neglected the game a bit because we had difficulties developing a more complex puzzle design and because we are still involved in other projects.

An unauthorized use of these unpublished backgrounds for another game has now put us under pressure.

For reasons we prohibit the unauthorized use and editing of these graphics at this point.

In addition, these are raw versions and still need a lot of polish.  :)

Babar will take care of the implementation of the game as soon as a finished design is available.

Over the weekend, I was able to create a raw design with a rough road map. I did not allow myself much sleep.

We can now work with it.

The title Blooded Fields will most certainly be changed, as this was only a placeholder when the first part was created and we do not consider it to be appropriate. We will also give the protagonist a new name.

We are thinking about releasing a free version for this game, in which the game can be played almost in its entirety, and a paid version that includes the final. The price for this should be $ 0.75, if non-round prices are possible at the platforms.

We are very happy that the puzzle design has now broken the knot and that it has progressed relatively quickly. A dialogue chart is already being drawn up and we are looking forward to the result.  :)

Best regards,
The Blooded Fields Team

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