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[Feature Suggestion] Ignore print screen button for skipping dialog


Dave Gilbert:
Another day another weird feature request from me. But since you all have responded to all my other weird requests, why not make another.  :grin:

Pressing the print screen button usually (but not always) advances dialog before the screen is captured.  This is a problem when you want to take a screenshot of a particular piece of dialog. Usually you can't! Also, it creates a bit of weirdness for games with Sierra-style portraits (like most of mine) where the screen is captured after the dialog advances, but BEFORE the portrait disappears. So you end up with a screenshot containing a dialog-less portrait.

Is there any way to have the engine/editor ignore the print screen button for advancing dialog (while still letting you take screenshots with it)?  I get complaints about this *constantly*. And I admit it kind of annoys me too.  := I've installed Fraps for the sole purpose of taking screenshots but it's a bit of a faff to use sometimes.



Crimson Wizard:
I just tried 3.6.0, and Printscreen does not skip the speech anymore. Don't remember if it's done on purpose or not, would need to double check.

Does it work for you?

In general, when such requests are made, I usually say that it's a bigger problem than 1 key. Ideally there should be a way to tell which keys exactly do what, and which don't. Although, in case if "printscreen" this may be an exception, because it's a special key.

Dave Gilbert:
Oh man. It's been an issue for the 20+ years I've been using the engine and it didn't even occur to me to check. YES it works perfectly now! Ignore me.

Crimson Wizard:
@WiseFrog, I moved your question to the separate topic, because really would prefer general printscreen problem discussed separately from the key handling topic:

For older games, you can suggest player to run the game in windowed mode, click outside the window to pause the game and then capture the screen (or use the new screen-cap clip from win10).  ;)


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