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Sopor Eterno (Eternal Torpor)


I'm playing the English version. I need help finding the password to the laptop.
Spoiler: ShowHideI assume the notes from the books are supposed to help me, but they are in Spanish. Even after translating them, I have no clue what they mean.

Same here :)

Hi all,

Yes the notes from the book comprise the password(s) to the computer. Probably more accurate to say "pass-sentence".
Spoiler: ShowHide The notes are numbered I, II and III. Put the words into the sentence (in Spanish) in that order and voila!

Aha! I finally understood your clue/solution! The password: Spoiler: ShowHideIt's NOT three riddles where you are supposed to find three words! It's simply typing in all the text in all the three clues! Oh my! Thanks, Wiggy!


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