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Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story



Spoiler: ShowHideI can't find the password for the janitor's locker at the hospital?

Hello :)

I'll give you a hint as I don't really want to spoil anything just yet but:

Spoiler: ShowHideOnce you hit Ash Pines, you're almost basically free to go where you wish but certain places/events will progress the story, likewise in the hospital. The dialog from the janitor mentions a spare key that unlocks the same door in the motel somewhere ;) You can also find the password in the motel, anything symbolic in the text will be placed in (brackets) for now, until I find a better solution :) Hope this helps in some way

Hey! :)

Spoiler: ShowHideYes, but I feel that I already did all that.
I did find the key and the only hint I found for the password of the locker was on a note because a six letter word and also because I noticed the (brackets).
I really thought it was that .... But that didn't work... that's why i'm stuck  :P


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