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Testing out a rendering technique on a Colonel's Bequest scene.


I've been working on a rendering technique using Blender that combines a 1-point perspective camera with a (sort of?) concept art look.  I thought I'd post it here to see what everyone thinks about it.

The first image is the final output, and the second image is with the same models, but they all have a plain, matte look in order to more easily see the overlapping patches of light that mimics digital concept art.

(The astute adventurers here will realize I have yet to add the photo frames... :X)

Color image

Single color override

Side question: There was supposedly an update for the imgzoom tag to use a nearest neighbor filter.  But when I try to use that tag, it still appears to have a linear or cubic filter applied.  Is there another way I can post zoomable images that stay sharp when zoomed in?

nowadays we have

--- Code: CSS ---image-rendering: pixelated;
perhaps the forum doesn't have that yet -but bear in mind the forums are undergoing a huge ui update soon.

Also, possibly post and check The Blender 3D Thread

Amazing! I would have thought it was hand-drawn!

It very nearly almost looks like actual pixel art. If I didn't know better, I'd think that you traced over a 3D render. That's pretty incredible.  :-D
Still a bit more room for improvement though. Most notably with those stray black pixels to the right of the door.
But that floor.  8-0 That's indistinguishable from hand drawn pixel art!


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