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Crimson Wizard:

--- Quote from: doimus on 12 Apr 2022, 14:27 --- It's the pathfinding that completely kills the gameplay. It stutters every time it processes movement paths, even on 486DX2.

--- End quote ---

To be fair, the original pathfinding was very slow and also buggy. IIRC it was based on a floodfill algorithm. We now use a different pathfinding algorithm (A*, where grid is built from a pixel mask) written by a contributor, which sped it up by a lot, and also works universally (from what i could tell). There's still a room for optimization.

Even with all possible optimizations, it would be completely unfair to judge AGS by its ability to run on systems it was not designed for.

I also did some research into SCUMM(VM) innards to see how it all worked back then. The level of optimizations it used to display scrolling backgrounds and animated sprites is absolutely huge. Even the pathfinding is just simple 4-sided polygons, using precalculated table for movement between them. Old cpus couldn't possibly handle even the simplest A* by today's standards.
That's when talking about "classic" early 90s era. From late 16bit 286PC or A500 to early 32bit 386 or A1200.

AGS, if optimized to insane levels, and with executable written from ground up in 32bit protected mode, could probably reach the performance of let's say, Full Throttle or Curse of Monkey Island. That's based on how AGS treats rooms, sprites, scripts, etc... which is similar to late era Lucasarts. But even those games are out of reach for a good old 386 or Amiga 1200. If not just by CPU power, then definitely by RAM usage. Let's not mention the 1MB Amiga 500, or 640k 286 PC.  Those old beasts just can't effectively handle C  , middleware libraries, and other late 90s "modern" stuff.

And the whole reasoniing of today's retro development is to be able to run on low end classic hardware or its emulation. Otherwise, what's the point.

Well, the point is to learn 16bit programming from the ground up, obviously!  :-D
That's what I'm doing right now and it's the most fun I had on a computer in a quite a long while!


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