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Port of AGS to Commodore Amiga

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Crimson Wizard:

--- Quote from: Emufr3ak on 19 Mar 2022, 18:06 ---This would still be great as you could use the AGS Authoring tools to create your Amiga game.

--- End quote ---

Well, theoretically that may be done; AGS Editor and tools produce "game data" as an intermediate step before deploying full build for the target system. Any port or even alternate engine may load that data up and execute on specific platform. So the question is mainly in having such ported engine.

By leveraging the software rendering and using the latest sdl2 available you may probably get the port going in an afternoon (with software rendering) - maybe minus sound. I would use some of the modified gccs or clang that have better support and crossbuild the port from a normal modern hardware.

You can also add a new system in the CMake and pass the required toolchain to get all dependencies along.

Also at first I would avoid ifdefs and modify the code directly for the port, so some changes can be experimented either directly in windows or linux , whichever you are more familiar debugging, I think amiga doesn't have nice ways to run things in a debugger...

Does SDL on Amiga  support RTG only or also native resolutions? In the end i might want to get rid of SDL but for a first port it might be cool even if the hardware requirements are a bit higher. I have a Vampire V4 and an original A1200 to test on.

Atm I'm using to develop this. It's great but I think it will be hard to get std working with this. Where to I get std for Amiga?

Not so sure on how SDL and amiga will work, reading on everyone only appears to be running emulators on raspberry PIs, so maybe it will be a ride getting the thing working...

From a quick google I could find two compilers:

- clang+llvm upstream appears to also support --target=m68k

Not sure how to assemble the whole kit though, it appears things change a lot between linux/windows when crosscompiling. I found an Amiga Ports org in github:

They appear to have a lot of things that may be useful for you.

I don't think there is an SDL2 version for the hardware you are trying to target, the classic OS3 machines would only have the original SDL library and I'm not sure how heavily it is tested. For OS4 (and MorphOS) there are already ScummVM builds and that has some AGS support so in theory that could run a new AGS game and that hardware would likely be up to the job.

Maybe the best similar option for making adventure games on the classic machines would be GRAC 2:


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