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Sludge Entertainment:
I just thought i would make a post to say hello to everyone of this community, i was and have been a member of this community in the past, but i lost connection to the email address i had tied to the account with this community along time ago, i thought i would come back, and share one of my up coming projects to this community, which i plan to make with various engines, for multiple platforms, i am currently making a point n click adventure game, with unity engine, and ags, and also on android. anyways this is just my greeting to you all to say hello, and let you all know what i am about, and what i have instore.

Hello everyone and i am excited to be back, cant wait to share with you all what developments i have.


Are you Tim, creator of Sludge and the excellent Out of Order?

Sludge Entertainment:
I am the creator of sludge entertainment, but i did not make what you are referencing, but those are some great developments for sure,
more will be revealed soon about what developments, i am currently working on. and projects i have worked on in the past,
i do have a website listed in my profile with some of the stuff i am working on, and have worked on, as well.

Ah right, yeah should have checked the website. All the best with your projects, they look interesting  :cheesy:

Sludge Entertainment:
Many thanks, i am sure you will see more of them on here soon. :D


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