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Stuck in this brilliant game. I downloaded the demo, played it and got hooked so I bought the game version 1.01, then got the free upgrade to 1.1 - well worth it - and replayed the whole re-vamped scenes. I cannot for the life of me find the fourth secret in the Communion Park. I have all available weapons and have Spoiler: ShowHide opened the well, found the secret compartment in the hut, spoken to Rita and activated the two mechanisms to expose the goodies at the back of the hut. 3/4.

Can anyone please help?

Hey Wiggy, this secret might have been bugged (with the newest patch out today I double-checked the flag), but for the record it's supposed to be-

Spoiler: ShowHideWhen you examine the first hay bale in the first field, at the end of commune park, it should drop a couple items.

That's the fourth and last secret, right before the level exit.

There are a lot of secrets though, and some that are outside the levels, so I do want to put together a little video guide at some point.


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