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Clotilde Soffritti in: Never Double Park your Spaceship

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After being stuck on an asteroid with a decrepit, gabby hermit for a week, Clotilde has had enough!
She must find a way to call for help and hitch-hike a ride out of there!
Will she manage to escape the asteroid?! Only one way to find out! Or maybe two.

Meet the locals on a strange planet!

Taste exotic food, such as old cheese crusts and vegetable stock cubes!

Be amazed (?) at the sight of what future technology has in store!

Visit interstellar garages!

* Things to left-click on, sometimes even right-click!
* The sequel no one asked for, to a game no one remembers about!
* So many comic book-style cutscenes, it'll feel like reading a comic inside of a game, inside of your screen!
* Puzzle that may require entire minutes to solve!
* 33 rooms! Some of them are even playable!
* An emotional story that deals with heavy, serious themes, that will make you cry.
* Characters that talk and move!
* Jokes that may make you laugh, maybe!

Download it here!

Wuhu!!! This was fast! Congratulations on the release! :) The video is very nice!!!

Thank you, eri0o! Although I don't have much experience in video editing, the trailer was fun to make. :)

The comic like transitions are really cool! The music and animations in the game really fit nicely! This is seriously high quality stuff! Lots of tweens, it all works together really really well! I love your art style but playing it is really nice how it feels in motion and alive. Did you add it to AGS Games Database yet?

Thank you very much! I'm happy you liked it! :cheesy:

The tween module is amazing, once you start using it, it gets addictive you want to add tweens everywhere  (laugh)

--- Quote from: eri0o on 07 Apr 2022, 04:01 ---Did you add it to AGS Games Database yet?

--- End quote ---
I tried two times adding it yesterday, but had no luck. After compiling all the information, I pressed "add" and I just got an empty page, with no error text. I'm not sure what happened.
I didn't want to risk adding the game multiple times, so I waited to see if it just took some time to appear, but nothing so far. Maybe I'll retry later.


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