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Author Topic: [HELP FOUND] Nightmare Frames English Translation  (Read 180 times)

Nightmare Frames English Translation
« on: 14 May 2022, 21:02 »
Hi, community!

I’m planning to release Nightmare Frames  in mid-June. Yes! The game is in an eternal testing loop and it seems that everything works perfectly

I need some brave testers to examine the English text of the game by pointing out grammatical errors, construction, etc. 

The deadline will be from the start to approximately two weeks. The average time of the game is 8 hours and there's a lot of text. So please, if you commit, make sure you have enough time!

Sadly, the budget of the game is 0, so I can't offer anything but a digital copy of Nightmare Frames, your name in the credits and all my eternal gratitude.

If you want to join in this adventure, please DM. But please make sure you have enough time!

EDIT: Help found! Thank you very much!!

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