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Ashina: The Red Witch

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DEMO link included! See below!

The story is about Ash. An ordinary girl who takes a journey through a mysterious spirit world filled with strange spirits. Ash must find her way back home, before something else finds her. The game is a canon prequel to one of my previous games 'My Big Sister' which will tell the story of the events that led to the red witch.

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* English
* Portuguese
* German
* Russian
* Turkish
Links to Game and Demo:


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It is in AGS? Looks so RPG-Maker...



--- Quote from: TheFrighter on 06 Jun 2022, 09:05 ---It is in AGS? Looks so RPG-Maker...

--- End quote ---
You haven't played previous Stranga games, I assume? Those were defenitely AGS, I'm confident that this is as well
Looks neat, great to see people doing all sorts of different styles and games with AGS and not sticking only to the default standards

Currently it seems that the demo on is only available after buying the game, which kind of defeats the purpose of a demo. Or am I missing something or doing it wrong?

Oh shoot! My apologies about the demo, I shall fix that right away! Also, all my games are made in AGS, once I fix the demo you can see for yourself. AGS give me more freedom to be creative rather than work to limitations of RPG Maker :)

P.S the demo on has been fixed and is free! :)

Art looks very very good! It reminds me Spirited Away!

But I have a big problem with the demo: it doesn't even start, I only see a white room with a character that doesn't move although I can hear it's footsteps.

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