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welcome to the next itaration of the AGS Werewolf game. The last one was quiet a while ago, but I thought it might be fun to try this again.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about - Hi, potential new player!
Keep on reading, I'll explain.

Werewolf is a social deduction game. The premisse is simple: You, the players, live in a village that is haunted by werewolves. Every night, the werewolves kill one villager, until only the werewolves are left. Every day, the villagers try to figure out who the werewolves among them are and try to kill them.
At the start of the game, the game master (GM, that would be me) assigns roles to the players. The standard ones are obviously villager and werewolve but others are possible (more on this should we have enough players). Nobody but the GM knows what role everyone has, though when there are several werewolves, they will know about each other.
The game is played in two alternating phases: day and night. During the day, players are allowed to post in this thread here and discuss as well as vote one player out (trying to catch the werewolves, obviously). During the night, nobody is allowed to post here, but the werewolves get one kill that they send to the GM by PM, obviously trying to kill off the other villagers. All players may communicate as much as they want among themselves by PM. Non-players are strictly forbitten from posting in this thread. The game ends when either no werewolve is left (the villagers win) or the number of werewolves and villagers are equal to each other (because then it is impossible to vote a werewolf out and the werewolves can just pick one after the other). Other win conditions are possible, depending on number of players and other roles, but that only becomes relevant when there are enough players.
These are the most basic rules. I'll explain more details later, but if you have questions, ask them.

Be careful if you wish to play: Wild, unfounded accusations will be commen and can really affect you (I'm not joking, this game can get stressful).

I'd like at least 8 players. It's possible to play with less, but very short, but the more, the better.

So, anyone interested in playing?

Okay, I'll bite.

Who says you'll bite? Maybe you'll get biten.  ;)

If someone isn't sure if they want to play or the explanation is not clear enough, please ask.

Okay, I'm in on the condition that everyone signs a disclosure to not get butthurt over the game. If you are tricked by a werewolf you don't feel like "I will never trust that person ever again and I will lynch them in all future games just in case so I don;t feel like I was tricked twice by the same person.", you just respect them that they did their job as they are expected to do to make the game fun and challenging.

I don’t think I can commit this time around but I look forward to lurking.


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