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Author Topic: Sprite Jam "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"  (Read 289 times)

« on: 15 Jun 2022, 21:54 »
Due to the last sprite jam dissapearing in the mists of inactivity, papershippy came to IRC and asked me to host another one. Since I have no moral authority to do so, and haven't posted in years on the forums this gives me all the reasons I need to come barge in and post a new one. Shoot first, don't bother asking questions later! Asking for fogiveness is easier than asking for permission or however that saying goes!

To keep with the tone of this weird request by papershippy, the sprite jam is about the show that must go on, so without further ado, the topic for this sprite jam is to draw a performer in a circus act, be it an animal, robot, human or an alien that managed to find itself employed at the circus.

All entries must be submitted by 15th of July, and the voting will be open for 1 week. There MIGHT be trophies involved for all contestants!

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Re: Sprite Jam "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"
« Reply #1 on: 15 Jun 2022, 22:02 »
Very nice, master @JimReed, to start a short but pixely 'Circus act' - until the official SJ comes back.

Re: Sprite Jam "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"
« Reply #2 on: 15 Jun 2022, 22:46 »
Excellent - thanks for kicking off a new thread Jim! Looks like it’s circus month with this one and background blitz 😂


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Re: Sprite Jam "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"
« Reply #3 on: 23 Jun 2022, 18:32 »

This alien got a job at the circus but they're allergic to hay which makes their antennae really itchy!

Re: Sprite Jam "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 12:59 »
Awesome entry, keep 'em coming!