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Machines Have Lucid Dreams w/ 120+ object combinations


A metaphysical game about finding meaning through 10 objects

The full game is now available for free on


Upon arriving in the dream-state of the machines, you're
given a strange task to retrieve 10 miscellaneous objects -
only to discover from a cast of curious inhabitants that
certain combinations unlock secrets hidden in their memories.

The machines have endured a great calamity in this place
they call home. While some remained steadfast and persevered,
many who once thrived now struggle to remember their purpose.
Others are presumed lost.


Master our unique stacking mechanic to find the missing machines.

Stack, combine, and arrange the found objects into a myriad
of combinations to rediscover the history of this world and
help those old souls who want to leave - find release at last.


* 10 objects to find
* 120+ object combinations to discover
* 8 talking machines, fully scripted to respond to
these combinations, resulting in thousands of lines of possible dialogue
* A supporting cast of colourful machine-like friends
* Consequences for your actions
* Feature-length story (2+ hours of gameplay)


Machines Have Lucid Dreams is our first game.
We are a two-person studio working out central London,
who started in March 2020. MHLD is about finding
meaning in the small things... and making the most
out of what little we have.

Congratulations on the release. This game looks very weird, in the best way possible.


Thank you stupot,
That's great to hear - it's what we were going for!

Very best,


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