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Duplicate room


Leisure Suit Harry:
I want to reuse the walkable areas, walkbehinds and if possible the hotspots for a second room.
Is there a possibility to simply duplicate a room? (not necessarily the script, but everyting that needs to be drawn)

Crimson Wizard:
I don't think there's a direct command like that in the Editor, but there are 2 simple ways to do this:
1) Rooms are stored as "roomNNN.crm" files. Simply copy/paste your room as a new file with new number, and then import it using "Import existing room" in the editor.
2) You may create a room template by right clicking and choosing "create template from room". Then, when creating a new room, this room will be available in the template list.

Leisure Suit Harry:
Thanks Crimson Wizard!


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