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Pleurghburg SEWER
« on: 14 Jun 2003, 08:01 »
here's what i know about getting in the sewer door, i emptied the pickle jar filled it with acid, used it on keyhole, am aware of pipe that is too hot to grab, and have played with the valves, tried turning all of them once, but not sure what to do

had to start new topic because didn't want a million replies to myself, please help with a hint or a little advice

Re:Pleurghburg SEWER
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Inside the sewers, keep going right until you find Parker. Behind her you can see 4 valves: Turn the second one from right to left. Go a bit down then go right until you’re at a dead end; hold on to the pipe in the roof to cross to the other side.

That's an excerpt of one of the official (?) Pleurghburg walkthrus.