Author Topic: Stuck at Chez Apa  (Read 1405 times)


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Stuck at Chez Apa
« on: 03 Jul 2003, 12:44 »

I need help at Chez Apa, rather at the beginning:

I smashed the dustbin and alerted the bouncer, but now
I'm stuck.

Inventory items I have:

salt shaker

I already talked to the bouncer until he hit me.

Any hints what next to do?

Bye, Straston


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Re:Stuck at Chez Apa
« Reply #1 on: 03 Jul 2003, 12:53 »
Try this:

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Try to take the plant in the alley to get the thorn

and this. To get the items you need.

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Look at the sidewalk by the bus stop to get the money. Then buy the gum.

Then use them like this:

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Put the thorn in the lock and the gum on the buzzer

then you can get in.


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Re:Stuck at Chez Apa
« Reply #2 on: 04 Jul 2003, 09:05 »
Thanks... I'm in... :-)

Now, how do I find the combination for the safe?

I have the "improvised" cue and the salt shaker with me,
but I can't play pool without something valuable.

And ... well ... can I get back to the safe after I left the office?




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Re:Stuck at Chez Apa
« Reply #3 on: 04 Jul 2003, 15:32 »
Combination for the safe? This is a really illogical puzzle, don't include one like it in your own game.

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Spend time in the room with the safe and the parrot until the parrot starts repeating itself. It should mention names of three drinks. Then you go and ask the new bartender-dude their prices, which are $1, $2 and $3.

Beyond all reason, the combination for the safe is 123. There is a connection, but, as I said, it's not logical.

And to get back to the room with safe:
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Use salt on the nuts you picked from the counter and use your salted nuts on the sad man sitting in the table.



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Re:Stuck at Chez Apa
« Reply #4 on: 07 Jul 2003, 15:57 »
Thanks, now I made it  ;D