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Draw what ever the person before you chooses, and then write something for the next person to Draw, and so on and so on.

For instance, if the person before me said they wanted to see britney spears getting eaten by a rhinoceros, I'd present:

And to start this off, how about the next person draw James Brown getting punished by God.

Bob The Hun:
Not the most accurate looking James Brown, but..

For the next person,I've always wanted to see Urkel on a murderous rampage..

This will be fun.

Next up... a ridiculously dangerous theme park ride.

Edit: DAMMIT BOB! Don't sneak up on me like that.
I knew this would happen...

This is quite possibly the worst piece of art I've ever done:

Next: Someone being eaten by a piece of food.

EDIT: Hmm.. I can see how there could be some trouble here  ;)


Do two midgets wrestling in mud!


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