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Re:August MAGS
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Um... I guess the competition is over now, right?


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Re:August MAGS
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I would think so. Pity that there aren't any other competitors... now, what happens next?

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We could have a write in campaign, but that would be seems you win by default.  Don't feel bad, there was every indication you would have won anyway, it was a great game! ;D
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Re:August MAGS
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Well, you post a topic in this forum with the "September MAGS" topic with your rules.


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Re:August MAGS
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There are five days left in August. Maybe someone is working on a  MAGS game, someone who only posts rarely or something. Not likely, I admit, but possible. Wait until September 1st before posting...

Re:August MAGS
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I also wonder why Magintz didn't yet post anything about the end of the competition. Of course it would have been better to announce the deadline a little earlier, but some days ago he said "5 days left" and so the end is reached now. As noone asked for some more time and noone (except noed) gave an answer to Hobbes question about other entries by now I think that's okay.

Well, calling Buccaneer just a winner by default wouldn't be that nice for this good game. Perhaps noone dared to present another entry after its early release. :)

Concerning the September competition: You really shouldn't just post a new topic with your rules to the forum because the MAGS guidelines are set up by the winner in cooperation with the MAGS team. So the best way is to send a message to the MAGS host Magintz (usually he contacts the winner) with your ideas about the new guidelines. He and Jannar then will have a look over it, perhaps will discuss some details with you and finally the MAGS team will post the new rules for September.
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Re:August MAGS
« Reply #46 on: 29 Aug 2003, 11:04 »
Yeah, I was going to enter, but my computer wasn't working for a fortnight, and I didn't really like the rules. I should actually finish a game - I've only entered once, and that was kinda unfinished too. And yeah, Buccaneer is hard to beat.  ::)
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