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Programming Competition No. 1
« on: 29 Aug 2003, 16:29 »
In the world of AGS game creation, you must think of a plot, draw the graphics, record or compose the sounds/music, then slap it all together.  AGS has come to the point where you may not even need to do any programming to make a decent game.  But, there comes times where you may want some more creative parts in your game.  

For this competition, you must make a 'game' that does what I say it should do.  This first one will be easy, and as we go on, they will become more difficult.  You don't need dazzling graphics or quality sounds to win this competition.  The one who can create a 'game' doing said task with the neatest and quickest code will win.  

The task is: Create a one-room, 8-bit game that will fade the background out and in depending on which hotspot the player steps onto.  

Limitations, new and as said above:
- One room
- 8-bit
- You CANNOT use the standard AGS fadein, fadout functions!  I suggest you learn how to read and write to and from files, for loops, and palette manipulation.

You have two weeks.  Begin!
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Re:Programming Competition No. 1
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One day to go and eveybody is keeping their cards close to their chest.

Maybe a programming competition which didn't replicate existing functionality would be better, becuase there would be more motivation to do something "new"?

How about a star-wars style opening sequence? I've got one all ready....  ;D