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Re: Pester Quest: From n00b to newb
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wanted you to know I voted that I liked the game.  my daughter and grandson also played it and really enjoyed it.  but when they tried to vote for it (since I have only one computer) they said I already voted.  so you have two more votes from my household regardless.  ok?


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Re: Pester Quest: From n00b to newb
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well, I appreciate that, thank you very much.

In other news: Free publicity. DIY, the community discussing Independent Adventures recently talked about Pester Quest in their monthly rap up. Here's what Jozef Purdes had to say:

Pester Quest This short adventure-like game has slipped my attention in February, when it was released. It is not really a game, but just a short rip on the AGS community. While the production, especially graphics, is quite decent, the main drawback of this title is that you'll never know who is being attacked in the game, and whether those attacks are meant seriously or in a joking way.

After netmonkey had told me that I made his news, and of his report, I went over and left a comment on the page today and am hoping for some kind of reply.

Whilst I appreciate being mentioned, and understand your comments about Pester Quest... I did put warnings with anyone downloading it that it is not meant for a vast majority of people. It's a joke game, but really only meant for olbies of the AGS community, and more on that, the moderators of the forums. The style of the game is almost that of a noobies, lame main character, but thats the joke. That char comes with AGS. I did have fun making the animations, and the dialog between the main ags chars, its really only an inside joke game meant for probably no more than 50 people. Of course anyone outside of that may not get the majority of the jokes. Again, I really appreciate the publicity, and the not-so-negative feedback, but this game isn't meant for everyone, which I'm sure you understood after completing the "game".

Also, Czar is working on the new bar background in his spare time, and I am currently working on more dialog and story to add for Pester Quest: RE-RELEASED (tentative title)
I know this game is technically done... I did have fun making it, and people have wanted to play a game with some of us AGSers in it. I am moving on to real games with real quality. Gilbot was right when he said, "thats the joke" with using Roger, and some of the art. So, I will finish this game off once more, and be done with it.

Thanks again.
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