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CJ is not Jesus

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This is a plea to those who refer to CJ as Jesus, or Christ, or Christ Jesus, or the like.

Although this may be intended as a joke, it is not funny, but is, in fact, hurtful, and even harmful. Harmful to your own souls and to those who may read it. So I simply ask,

Can it please not be done anymore?

With Love,


could you not just keep your beliefs to yourself instead of trying to force them on everyone?
and how is it harmful to our souls?
see, this is one of the many hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of reasons i hate religion, and if CJ changed his name to jesus then he technically would be jesus, and in many religions there is no jesus and many gods, so just let people say what they want.
besides, do you actually have any proof that CJ isn't jesus? i mean, second coming and all that, hell, i could be jesus!

it's a simple plea and i hope people will respect it but it's also i believe too much to ask

it's all fine and good for you to ask and i'm not saying there's anything wrong with it

it's all fine and good for you not to like it and it's all fine and good for you not to partake in it but asking others to stop is too much, in my opinion

now i hope other people who post will be polite and not big jerks or i'll be forced to delete posts or lock this. not because i disagree with what wanderlady posted but because i don't want people being jerks


Eric is right on the money.  I respect that it may not align with your beliefs but it's not really reasonable to expect others to stop either.

I'm sorry, but you seem to have misread some things. We do not refer to CJ as christ jesus, jesus, or christ.

He is Chris(t) Jones, and we see him as a being akin to Jesus, the sign of the second coming, if not the second coming itself. The link is obvious, given the similarities in the initials. CJ conducts his behavior in a manner Jesus would have, showing others love, kindness, and wisdom. He is generous, and encourages generosity from his followers. Surely, if that isn't Chris(t)-like behavior, I don't know what is.

I'm afraid I must also scold you for ignorantly belittling our faith. You would not have us call your mighty god false, and beg you to stop steering us to him. Those who follow Chris(t) Jones' example ultimately lead better, happy, more fulfilling lives than those who attend church and pray to Jesus. We learn to sharpen our minds through coding, and express ourselves through pixel art. We learn to show our souls to others, sharing our essence. This brings about peace and happiness, a feeling more profound than any currently established religion has inspired.

I think perhaps, instead of being afraid of the healing wisdom of Chris(t) Jones, you should embrace it. Surely it will lead to more security and happiness than you fell now. You are obviously very troubled. You must have very little faith in yourself, if you carry so little faith in your brothers.


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