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CJ is not Jesus

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Guest, I think you are making false accusations. most people here are far from "vicious" or "self-centred". In fact, I can safely say that this the friendliest forum I've ever seen. I can't recall one time that a debate became vulgar because one person disagreed with the other. If you post a request, especially about tech stuff, people are most likely to very helpful.

I think you are wrong to judge people according to debate about such a topic. Yes, some people went too far - but it's still a very long way from everybody being "arrogant" and "egoistic". Please, check other threads, even the heated war threads, before reaching such conclusions.


--- Quote ---Of course, THAT is the real choice; we all know, in our spirits, that there IS a God. Now, to admit it or not; that's your choice, and eventually the consequences of whatever you choose will catch up with you, as do any and all actions performed in life itself (it’s a law of the universe). So, speaking exclusively for myself, I'm not afraid to admit that I believe in God...

--- End quote ---

So basically Athiests are people who know there's a god and choose not to follow it.

Man am I glad you were just a guest.

I'm out of this thread now because it's just causing me to be rude and annoying and immature, and I'm usually not. At least, you know, try not to be. I hate to hit and run, so PM me if you have any serious issues.

Ciao, or something.

EDIT: This thread is uncharacteristic of me. It's a bad example of AGS too. As Barcik said, it's a friendly place. In fact, I'm often overwhelmed by just how helpful and friendly people can be here. Usually I am a much nicer person than this, I swear to god. Oops, I mean, vishnu.

Ok, I think that's enough for this thread.

Actually, I have to say it was a rather calm debate, compared to what can happen when religion is the topic ;)


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