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Started by DeviantGent, Sun 22/02/2009 23:44:46

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Huge thanks indeed to rumoured son of God, Chris Jones, for making this subforum for us RON developers to gallivant around in. It really does mean a lot for those of us who hold this little town close.

Right gentlemen. Let's get to work.
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Absolutely so... a big thank you.

And I'm happy to also say "watch this space". Reality on the Norm may be offline at the moment, but it won't be forever.


Mr Flibble

Oh this is BRILLIANT, this is exactly the sort of publicity RON needs!
Ah! There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling!

The Suitor

Wow, RoN doesn't seem so far away now  :P

Trent R

To give back to the AGS community, I can get you free, full versions of commercial software. Recently, Paint Shop Pro X, and eXPert PDF Pro 6. Please PM me for details.

Current Project: The Wanderer
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Yeah, but actually I'm looking for the more recent ones...
If anyone can help me to these, I don't mind hosting (all of) them...

RON: D.Jones - Deceased
RON: The Crazed Chicken
RON: Cold Storage
RON: Root of all Evil
RON: Witch!
RON: Everything that Begins with an M
RON: Rock - A True Story
RON: The Underworld Remastered
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Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens

BFS has a ton of ron games and isn't going anywhere.


That's what Trent said. But the games from my list are not on that server. Besides, that servers isn't updated. Not sure who's responsible for that one.
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Ah! This is fantastic. What a great little forum!

Sorry I'm late... I must admit I kind of forgot about RON for a while... but here I am! So... yay.

(Also, I had an account here before, but that was ages ago, and now all the password stuff has kind of made it hard to get back. It's a nice bonus though, since I was very young the first time I came here and all my posts would probably be very embarrassing if I could even remember them.)


Good lawd, now there's a name I've seen about!

'Sup Einoo, welcome back to the endeavour. How've ye been?
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Oh, fine. When I found out the reason for the site crapping out was that the host had went bankrupt, I was... surprised, to say the least, but I figured I'd just wait a while and see what happened. And then I forgot. Yup.

How about you guys? What sort of work has been going on in RON-world? Any progress?


Dribs and drabs. Nothing as great in number as the Golden Age back in 2003-4, but RI has kept the show going in that time, and there've been a few releases of note, most prominently the finished Edge of Reality.

Right now, as a result of this new exposure, the general consensus is to sort out the problems that caused the influx of new games to die off, ie reorganising the game and character database, bringing up the background/sprite quality, making the series more accessable for new folks to get up to speed on important stuff, things of that ilk.

Exciting stuff, most definatly.
The Deviant Gent
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I've just recently got interested into this whole RoN thing. I plan on starting the creation process of my contributed adventure game soon.

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