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Started by DeviantGent, Mon 23/02/2009 00:32:01

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I think the general consensus is that it HAS happened, and indeed there's a period of time when he clearly is dead. It's just that the exact circumstances of his death and resurrection are from now on being kept undefined.
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So he has been dead for some point and isn't right now, but the causes of these effects are now non-canon?

Also, I realise this is pretty off-topic, but I think a Crisis On Infinite Rons would be spiffy, since what you're doing here is basically one huge continuity reboot. Anyone up for that?  ;)


Yup, pretty much. Mainly because there have been so many possible causes chucked around since the original 'cow buggery' scenario (head explody by God, vat of acid, hallucination by herbal tea), it's easier to jsut say 'he was dead, and now he's alive'. Which judging by the policy on the original RON site was one that was adopted.

I wouldn't say it was a canon-reboot, more of a case of distinctions between games following the original story, games that are standalone, and non-canon-can-do-anything-totally-messed-up-games. I'd say Crisis on Infinite RONS could fit nicely into that third catagory though.
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Quote from: LimpingFish on Mon 23/02/2009 19:40:46
Perhaps someone could put together a "Previously in RON..."-

Bonus if you can get someone with a voice like the "Previously on LOST" guy :)


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Out of curiosity - what events in Root Of All Evil are considered to contradict canon? Because I don't think it contains any major events, really. It definitely doesn't belong on the main "must play" list, but I'm surprised to learn it's on the list of controversies along with Davy Jones C'est Mort and the Commander Keen game :P


Yeah, this surprised me too. RI has the whole story since he pointed it out when we were brainstorming the new system, but I think it's due to the location of some of the backgrounds, apparently they're in the wrong places in relation to each other. No fault of yours, it's just symptomatic of just how bloody difficult it is as it stands right now to research where everything goes if a large number of locations are used, particularly in the downtown area. The primer I'm working on will go some way to helping out with this. Speaking personally I would like for Root to be in the standalone catagory, since it's a pretty kosher game.

Don't worry, there's noting 'controversial' about Root, and that particular subsection shouldn't by any stretch be considered a 'sin bin'. Hell, the only thing stopping Au Naturel being on the Canon list is the fact that Davy is alive in a timeframe he should have been dead in, and we all remember the hooha around THAT particular game.
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Quote from: DC on Sun 22/03/2009 13:05:40
I think it's due to the location of some of the backgrounds, apparently they're in the wrong places in relation to each other.

Hm, okay. I don't recall which particular map or other game that was based upon. Well, I'd be happy to change that if you want me to.


This here map right here is the most up to date map of the town so far. I can also send you how much I've assembled of the primer so far if you want to see how all the backgrounds go together in pratice, if that will help.
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Quote from: DC on Sun 05/04/2009 18:58:39
This here map right here is the most up to date map of the town so far.

Frankly I don't see any discrepancies between that map and Root. Perhaps you can enlighten me what exactly the issue is, otherwise I'm just shooting in the dark.

The only thing I can think of is that Root posits that the nameless law office on the map went bankrupt and the building is now being used for something else. Is that an issue? Or am I missing something?


I've recently replayed Root, and (although I'm only second guessing RI here), I think the problem is using backgrounds from other locations in different places - for example, using Albert Waeks Second Hand Bookstore interior as the interior for the First Bank. In this case, would there be anything stopping you from actually using the bookstore (and Albert as opposed to the Thakbor's Mother sprite) as a location as opposed to the bank?

You'd have to ask RI for specific instances, but I think that's the issue here. There may also be other niggling continuity issues, I'll give it another playthrough tonight and make some notes. It's nothing particular major, and certainly nothing that a few tweaks and swaparound of backgrounds won't fix.
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The biggest sticking point has to do with the movie theater.  From the Baron's dialogue, it appears that the movie theater was misinterpreted as a stage theater and it's ticket kiosk as a simple push-button.  I realize that if there was any confusion, the town map on the site could have been clearer, something which has been done.

The following are some general feelings on the game:
I could live with the reused art, although it is somewhat of a missed opportunity to add some character depth to little/new characters - such as Hank or Vincent Dolby who both work at the Parkview restaurant.

The description of the alley between the Parkview restaurant & Pelboz flowers as "stinking of garbage" is one I find inaccurate as at least one business has it's front door in that corridor and the background of that area was spotless (apart from one alien time machine).  The "shops open onto a corridor between two buildings" is based upon a setup in my city and the corridor is quite clean I assure you, especially as one of the businesses is an restaurant.

I also don't see why the need was felt to remove a business, in this case the Randall Craig & Associates law firm, before anyone had the opportunity to make use of it when there are so many empty buildings/spots on the map to stick an arcade, such as the blue building next to the Parkview restaurant.


Richy here, creator of Mi5 Bob and The Spoons.

Now that RON has a brand spanking new location, and hopefully some more exposure to other people in the AGS forums, hopefully we'll see a new generation of people adding games to RON. It's important that we make it as easy for people as possible to learn about the intricacies of the whole RON universe.

I think the idea of having canon and non canon games is a great idea. As is the idea of putting it to a vote, whether new games can become part of the canon or not.
It means creators have freedom to try something different, and people new to RON, have a starting point, to learn the long history, but also don't need to worry about ruining anything in the RON universe, as I can imagine it's a little indimidating for newcomers to have to follow so much history.

jetxl has already recorded walkthroughs of some of the Early games. I think it would be a great idea to have walkthroughs of all the canon games, so that people can get a feel for the RON universe without having to spend days playing each and every game.

I'm looking forward to seeing Project Recap, which sounds like it'll be great. If you have any questions about any of the characters(MI5 Bob, Richy, Claudia, Chris Furlong, Joe Linders, Nick Linders, Jackie Furlong) or places(Linders of RON, Richy Records), I added to the game, don't hesitate to send me a PM.


Good to have ye back in the fold, Richy. I did enjoy your games, and I still hold out hope that The Spoons trilogy ye had planned will continue. Have you played Brent's 'Rock: A True Story'? They've been used to great effect there.

Project Recap (or 'Virtual Reality' as it's come to be known now) has a pretty good foundation laid now. Around 150 odd rooms have been put together, and there's now a sense that the town is a cohesive entity as opposed to a collection of disjointed rooms. When my exams are over I'm going to be stringing them all together, so hopefully anyone playing will have a pretty good idea where every location is and how it all fits together. When that's done, we can start adding characters and dialogue that explains them, the locations and key events. I think your contributions would be most excellent, I've always wanted to see The Spoons and your other locations/characters get some more use.
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Quote from: Irishrichy on Sun 10/05/2009 16:45:58
jetxl has already recorded walkthroughs of some of the Early games. I think it would be a great idea to have walkthroughs of all the canon games, so that people can get a feel for the RON universe without having to spend days playing each and every game.

Of the canon games, I could only find video walkthroughs of Lunchtime of the Damned and Vengeance of the Chicken; I didn't need a video for I Spy since it has been remade and actually works properly on my machine. Return of Die Vie Ess doesn't work and I can't find a video walkthrough of it, but after that I have had great success in actually getting them to play! I'm on Kittens and Cacti at the moment.

One thing I've noticed in playing through the ones you labelled as "canon" is that there might be one or two in the wrong order. I say this because I noticed Michael Gower is referred to as "the mayor" in Paranormal Investigation and I Spy 2 but he seems only to become mayor in Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman.

Overall I'm enjoying the series, with The Repossessor being my current favourite.  ;D


Glad you're having fun with it all, Hudders. Yeah, take that order they're referred with a pinch of salt - I added them in the order they were originally posted, not chronologically. There IS a rough timeline that RI threw together, but I can't remember if it's updated or not. I know it needs trimming to filter out the standalone/non-canon games, but it might be of use.

Ah, here we go. See, I have my uses.  ;D
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Is this list in chronological order?

    01 Lunchtime Of The Damned
    02 Vengeance of the Chicken
    03 I Spy
    04 Return of Die Vie Ess
    05 The Repossessor
    06 The Postman Only Dies Once
    07 The Lost Treasure of RON
    08 Paranormal Investigation
    09 I Spy 2
    10 Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
    11 Cabbages and Kings
    12 Kittens and Cacti
    13 The First Stitch
    14 The Underworld
    15 Defender of RON
    16 Purity of the Surf
    17 Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)
    18 The Phantom Inheritance
    19 The Unraveling
    20 The Spoons
    21 Dead Man's Political Party
    22 Rend
    23 III Spy
    24 Rock - A True Story

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