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Started by Irishrichy, Sat 16/05/2009 18:11:18

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Currently working on the 'third' installment of The Spoons trilogy. I've come up with the basic Storyline.

Following on from the unspecified events of 'The Spoons 2 - The missing Zip File', A well known musician has signed the spoons to his record label, and given Richy a big advance to record their first album.
Unfortunately, as Richy is heading to tell his band mates the good news, he is mugged, and the whole advance is taken.

In a fortuitous coincidence, K-Yatz radio station happens to be running a contest to use it's studio facilities. All Richy has to do is somehow win that contest. Which is, as it always is, with adventure games, a much more complicated task, than it should be.

Pretty simple storyline, which I quite like in these short games. It's set between the events of The Spoons 1, and Rock, a true story. I would like it to become a canon game, so I'm going to be careful about making it consistent.
Just like to check, what are people's thoughts on a few issues:

Including a real celebrity, as a minor character. I want to keep his exact identity a surprise, but believe me, he's ripe for parody. Bill Cosby and David Hasselhoff have been characters before, so I don't think this should be a problem.

Creating a Scids beach bar, manned by George Watstatt. Could he have two bars, which he works in at different times? Should someone else be bartender? Would this be inconsistent with any other game? Any suggestions for how I could explain it?

I'm going to use the new style characters, and the original style backgrounds as much as I can. I also want to use some lesser used characters such as Josh Beachcomber and Big Wave Dave. Hopefully I can also flesh out the personality of the Spoons Characters I created a bit, as well. I thought Brentimous' idea in Rock- A True story of making Richy a bit of a Pederast was hillarious, and I;m definitely going to incorporate that, in my game. (Although I do regret naming the character after myself now).


Celebrity: Go for it. Do it right and there will be much lulz to be had.

Scids Beach bar: Could be done, if you think George could be a Fangio-esque 'recurring barman'. Don't forget that Phil Nihilist is also a barman at Scids (or Dave? The Nilihist who isn't at Yahtzeebrand), so he remains a possibility.

I assume that The Spoons II is now going to be one of those 'missing' stories like Leisure Suit Larry IV or Red Dwarf Season 9?
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Although I have to confess that I didn't finish the first part yet, I'm really looking forward to this.

About the "missing zip file": I like the idea pretty much, you could really make a lot of fun out of that by constantly referring to events that happend in the previous part(s) without flashbacks or even the slightest attempt of explaining anything.

About the beach bar: When done right this is certainly no problem at all. You could even allow the player to go to the beach bar and the original Scids with George being the bartender at both etablissiments (without giving any explanation, of course :)).
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Hang a lampshade on it, and it will all be good.

Also, if you think it will help, we can send to you what RI and I have done of Virtual Reality so far, if you want to use the most recent backgrounds/map screens.
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Yeah, I got the idea of a missing game from Leisure Suit Larry. I was being a bit optimistic about my interest levels sustaining, when I called it, "Part 1 in the The Spoons Trilogy".  At the rate, I'm going, the Trilogy wouldn't be finished until 2015, so I think it's best to skip ahead to the third game.

The intention was to give hints to the surreal events, that happened in the previous game, leaving the details to the imagination. eg "Sorry about the incident with the fish, I hope your mother's back is feeling better". "After what happened last week, I'm never going near another hot air balloon again".

I'd really like the copy of Virtual reality, DC. If you want, I can send you the new backgrounds to be incorporated into it. (Back room in Richy Records, Beach Bar etc.) I'll send you a PM.


Alright Chief, send the backgrounds, I'll dump em into VR and I'll send what's done of VR so far. If you have new versions of the Linders House/new Town Square buildings, feel free to send them also.
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I haven't finished the backgrounds yet. I have quick placeholder ones in at the moment, but if you want, I can tell you their exact location.

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