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Started by heltenjon, Sun 16/06/2024 15:10:37

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Inspired by @jwalt and his recent RoN games, I've begun replaying the series in order. I recently played The Postman Only Dies Once by @Dave Gilbert himself. The game is choke full with jokes and connections, and I was wondering:

When Max talks to Davy, there are three transformations where Max (once) and Davy (twice) are replaced by other character sprites. I have a feeling I'm not getting a joke here... Are the other sprites characters I should recognize? From other games, perhaps?  :confused:  ??? The sprites replacing Davy for a few seconds look vaguely familiar, but I can't place them.

Dave Gilbert

Oh wow. It's been awhile but I think they turn into Larry Vales and Rob Blanc? If you were a member of the AGS forum at the time that game was released, you'd know who they were. :) Probably the most well-known AGS characters at the time.


Thank you! I suspected it might have been something like that. I think I have played the games many years ago, but the images were completely gone from my mind now.  :-D


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