Redesigning Reality-On-The-Norm for pixeling practice

Started by Hobo, Thu 19/01/2017 15:59:13

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Thanks for the comments, Grundislav and Gendgi.

Here's some more stuff. These two aren't based on any existing RON characters, but they're drawn in the same style, so I thought they'd fit in here.
Feel free to give them a name and a backstory :)


Quote from: Gendgi on Fri 14/07/2017 00:21:56
I am new to the RON "universe" but this looks amazing :) need to read more into it! :D
Yeah, the RON universe is a very interesting place, filled with all sorts of quirky characters and weird storylines. I do recommend looking into it more and playing some of the games. A lot of them are first attemps of aspiring game devs, so the quality is obviously all over the place, but there are some true gems.



There are those who believe that life here began out there...

Dave Gilbert


Thanks, Cassie and Dave.

And if anyone has any tips on how to draw a drumset, let me know :)


Currently working on a project!

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