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Started by jetxl, Thu 30/04/2009 18:59:01

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Hi there.
As a hobby I record AGS games to create an archive for future generations (that can't be bothered to play games themselves).
I've recorded a few RON games, but I'm a total RON n00b and I don't know wich ones are the crème de la crème and which ones are... not.
If a few people can point out the best ones and explain why I'd really appreciate it.


The I-Spy games, Purity of the Surf, A Better Mouse Trap, Apocalypse Meow, Hooky McPegLeg Pirate Postman and perhaps the first RoN game for a good origins story. I'm a big fan of any RoN game by Dave Gilbert or Creed Malay.
When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.


I like The Repossessor the best.  :D


Grundislav, Creed, Dave Gilbert. Oh and me obviously ¬¬

Renegade Implementor

I'd recommend Creed's games: Cabbages and Kings, Kittens and Cacti and Apocalypse Meow as a fine example of overarching plot thread.  Each builds successfully upon the last, and is well worth playing.

Although if we can suggest our own games, then I wholeheartedly recommend mine  ;D.

Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens

The Melt & Drake games venture off into bizarre territory while still being enjoyable (unlike some other RoN games) so those are definitely good choices for people who want the more abstract/silly side of RoN.  The Sorceror's Appraisal (Yahtzee's pre-RoN Davy Jones game) is also quite interesting since it set the stage for the development of the series. 


My personal favourite has to be Cabbages & Kings. It's so insane. I laughed so hard at the line about 'steam-powered cyrogenic chambers'.


I've always considered The Postman Only Dies Once to be the essential RON-game. It uses clever scripting, has hilarious dialogues, good puzzles, a nice story with great use of pretty much the 'main characters' of RON, and a 'classic' look (graphics-wise). Also, it's not extremely fancy so beginners can use a game like this as a quality standard without setting the bar too high for themselves.

When I got into RON about eight years ago, I played them in order of release and this was the game that made me think: "Maybe I could try to make a game like this!"

Eventually it might not be my fave RON-game (I'm not decided: could be one of the Kittens games, or III Spy, or Purity of the Surf), but 'the Postman...' is still the game I first think of when I think of RON.

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