Bovine Intrusion: An Example Recruitment Thread.

Started by LimpingFish, Fri 13/04/2012 01:35:59

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This is a template thread to provide just one example of the correct way to open a recruitment thread.


Bovine Intrusion - An adventure into the world of farm-animal espionage!

A comedy adventure with a "Saturday morning cartoon" feel, Bovine Intrusion tells the story of a pig named Reginald who must infiltrate a field of cows to track down a missing hat.

Positions Available:
I need someone to help me with animations. The game runs at 320x240, so I'm looking for someone who works better with low-res sprites. There are approximately eight NPC characters that need spot and idle animations, along with two characters that require a full range of walking animations. Only people who have experience with these kinds of graphics need apply.

I'm looking to have the game finished sometime around June/July of this year.

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM.


This is just one of the ways you can format your recruitment thread, though you should try to include all the information I have highlighted.
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