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Started by deadsuperhero, Mon 30/01/2012 09:12:12

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I'm looking to improve my skills and in turn offer my services to all that need it

Background Art

Character Art

Examples of my art


Haven't been active on this forum a lot, and plan to rectify that. I have experience with alpha and beta testing adventure games, both freeware and commercial, based on several engines, and often have time for new projects. Feel free to contact me through the forum or at my email address (listed in my profile).


Hello, I want to offer services to voice act. I am a male and my native language is American-English, but I'm confident I could do an accent with a little time. I can also play guitar and sing if it's required for whatever reason. I have a home recording studio suitable for music; so quality won't be an issue. I'm also confident that I can come up with a voice for any character.
As of now, the only credit I have is the Urban Explorer in Ben Jordan 8. Please don't hesitate to contact for ANY character, I'd be more than happy to take a shot at any character for free (of course).
I can also send an audition on Dropbox if anyone wants to hear me before committing to anything.

Thank you all for your time.


It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.


I like to think it's pretty good. My girlfriend is from the south.


Well, my game is only a couple weeks old, so I'm far from needing voice, but I'll keep you in mind. :)
It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.


Thank you very much. I'd be honored to help.


My name is Fred Rosa, I'm a musician.

I've the done the soundtrack for the RPG Lilith Red, you can check most of the songs at this link ->

I've been composing music and working with bands for 11 years now.
Just tell me what you want and I will write it.
I'm helping game creators at cost 0.
You can check out most of my works here ->

Send me a email to if you're interested in working with me.

All the best.


Quote from: Demicrusaius on Sat 16/02/2013 06:58:10
Well, my game is only a couple weeks old, so I'm far from needing voice, but I'll keep you in mind. :)

I'm a Southerner too, and by the time your game is in need of voices, I should have the spare time to record some. I can do a variety too, from upper crust Savannah to trailer park Tennessee.


Hey, my name is Adoxographist, and I'd like to volunteer my services as a voice actress! My voice can ranges from mid-low to mid-high, and I have a natural American accent.
If anyone is interested in hearing samples of my work, I have a soundcloud account here, and also a demo reel. Unfortunately, my demo reel is a bit dated, and since having recorded it, I've gotten a new mic... But I'm looking to have it updated soon!
Also, my current set up is a Snowball mic in a makeshift soundbox, if anyone is interested!

In addition to that, I also happen to have a lot of friends who are also voice actors, so if you're ever looking for assistance in casting roles, I'd be more than happy to help with that too!

Either way, if anyone is interested in collaborating together, feel free to PM me! Or if you want to get in touch with me faster, my e-mail is Adoxographist at


Sorry for being yet another music composer offering service...
...but I can't help it.
My name is Zoltan, I'm a Hungarian guy living in London. I'm a self-titled composer, I mean I compose music and that makes me a composer, right? Alas I have no experience in composing music specifically for movies or games or whatnot.
In the other hand I've been playing the drums in various bands for almost 20 years so I know what it means to be part of a group and creating art and stuff with others.
I am also an avid gamer and soundtrack fan.
Anyways, I'm not here to sell my music or my talent. I'm here to find people with whom I can create something, preferably unique and valuable. And yes, if it means giving my music for free then I will. But only if I like you. Or the product. Ideally, both.
I'd gladly say that I am your all-around composer but unfortunately I am not (I'm working on it though). I am at my best when there's melancholy/drama/tension involved. I also prefer abstract/psychedelic themes. I like to mix classical music with abstract rhythms and jazzy bits.
I'd rather suggest taking a listen:
If you find any pieces you would like to use or/and if you would like to work with me feel free to contact me here or at
Or just download the damn stuff from SC, it's downloadable anyway. Just kidding. Don't do that.
Thank you.


My friend Simon Love is looking for games to work on music for (freeware or commercial). His credits include:

- Back Door Man
- Poacher (by Yahtzee)
- Reon Quest 2

Just drop me a line if you're interested and I'll help you get in touch. Cheers!



I'm a programmer/entrepreneur with many years of programming experience, who's looking for individuals or teams to cooperate with on game projects. I'm not expecting compensation, but I would like to participate in projects that have a drive towards eventually becoming financially successful, and maybe the first stepping stone towards funding a game company.

I've worked as head developer for a number of large companies (for instance, Thomson Reuters), and mainly worked with PHP, Javascript, XML and some artificial intelligence languages, but I also have some skill in other types of programming.

I'm mainly interested in the fields of adventure games and RPGs, but would be open to considering other types of games.




Hello AGS community!

Composer here, looking for a new project. If anyone is looking for some high quality music for their game, please message me. I am also able to do sound effects if needed. :)

As for my credentials:
BA in Theory and Composition   
Original Music for "Dinner for Pigeons" Free Download Here
Original Music and Sound for "Electrobots" Available on the iTunes Appstore
You can find samples of some of my work here.

I'm mainly interested in paid work, though I will consider working sans-fee for the right project.




I have worked on orchestral and game music for eight years. I have had quite a bit of experience in working with fantasy rpg/adventure games. I am dominant in orchestral and fantasy tracks. I love making music for games and seeing everything come together in a finished product. Adventure game music is my passion, and it's something that I will devote my time and effort into.

You do not have to work at a professional level to obtain my help. If you wish for me to offer you my services, please use the contact form on my website or send me a private message with some detail as to what your game is, and what exactly you have in mind.

You can check out my new songs on my website or listen to some of my music below:
A Love Unforgotten
Bound by Love
The Beast Within
Her Wish (an old song but still worthy to be mentioned)

If your game needs music, then do not hesitate to contact me. I am always eager to learn of projects that need my work. Note: I DO NOT specialize in anime or Japanese RPG music.


Hello there. It seems there are quite a lot of music dudes here, and I plan to join the bunch! :3

I'm an audio geek, 25 years old, situated in Oslo, Norway. I'm currently looking for projects to hop on, preferrably non-commercial.
So, what can I do? Here's a little list. :)

¤ Field-recordings and SFX, ambient soundscapes, etc.
¤ Custom compositional work for trailers or other sorts of videos.
¤ Complete soundtracks, within a wide range of genres.

I'm currently looking for shorter/smaller projects to get more experienced with audio implementation in the AGS engine.
Feel free to get in touch via email or PM. :)



Hi, just looking for a project to get involved in.

Not my main interest, but enough so that I would enjoy helping out with (because I at least know I have the ability/desire to play video games).
Past Experience:  ....About 24 years of playing video games..

Speech/Talkie Recording
One of my main interests.  I have a naturally medium to deep voice (27 Years old), have on more than one occasion been told I can mimic voices very well and/or should get into radio/cartoon work (which I'd love to do, so I guess this is a good start).  I speak mainly English so other languages would have to be scripted or it'd take me a little time to nail down dialect but I can, I feel, at least range a broad spectrum of deep/rich to high pitched, to multiple accents, as well as giving life to characters.
Past Experience:  Not much, except day to day contact with people, delivering jokes, mocking people etc.

Proof Reading
This would be another side interest.  I feel I have a pretty good grasp of the English language, and reading is simple enough and necessary enough to warrant a need to do it.  That and...I am somewhat a perfectionist when it comes to grammar/ least to the best of my ability.
Past Experience:  Life.

Story Design
Another one of my main interests.  I'd love to write story plot/outlines, puzzles, and/or script dialogue for pretty much any genre.  I put it modestly, a pretty vivid imagination, I could help with character design too, as far as visualization goes.  However, I feel I can get pretty out there, so it's pretty much limited to what you want to do with your project, that, as well as humor.  I've had many ideas for games so far, which I'm too paranoid/self-conscious to divulge in at the moment, due to lack of skill in some key areas (coding etc.), ranging from rated R, to kid friendly I'll pretty much do whatever, but to me it's mainly about the humor, so I'm pretty laid back when it comes to that.  Again, I'm down for anything, anything's practice.
Past Experience:  Stuck in goofball body.  Spent most of childhood watching cartoons in underwear, eating cereal.  Come to think of it...still do.

So if anyone is interested to get an idea of what I can do, or just want to collaborate feel free to P.M me.
I believe my e-mail is in there as well, for sake of not publicly posting.
Thank you.


Translation: English to Spanish / Spanish to English

My name's Dave Silva. I'm a native Spanish speaker (Mexico) and have a Bachelor's Degree in English / Spanish translation. I'm currently looking for free or paid translation projects to beef up my completely non-existent resume (I graduated with my degree but couldn't find work as a translator so I had to work other jobs to support my family.)

Since my hometown is pretty much dead when it comes to any new job opportunities, I've decided to give freelance game translation a shot. My goal is to get experience so I can build up my resume and potentially get larger jobs later in the year.

I'm a native Spanish (Mexico) speaker but grew up speaking English (US) thanks to my relatives and a steady stream of American books, TV and movies, so I consider myself to be 90 to 95% fluent in the language. Anything that I don't know, I'll look up. Most people who speak to me online in games or message boards don't realize that I'm not a native English speaker. I'm also open to working on other non-game stuff like literature and comics - web or print.

I'm open to working on any kind of game on any platform. I'm interested in translating small to intermediate sized scripts for free. All I ask is that you give me credit and let me list you on my resume and website (along with a sample of my work, with a link to your own website.) Even if your game is something really simple that only needs its instructions translated, I'll gladly do it. I'm also available to translate commercial games - but those would have to be paid for, of course.

Unfortunately, I have no online portfolio to speak of. All I have is my degree. So this is why I'm here, hoping to get material to build one.

If you're interested in giving me a job, please reply or send me a private message. I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks!


If you represent a game studio, a small indie developer team or an individual, I can create great sounding music for your next project!  If you're looking for professional custom cues, prices start at $50 per minute and upwards to $300 per minute. Package deals can be had so let's talk if you're serious about the full production of your game!

For indie game devs that are on a tight budget, I also offer professional royalty-free game music. I'm still running a HUGE discount of 50% off all libraries for the next 10 days! (Purchasing libraries brings some cues to below $0.99).

For Sci-fi music, check out Atmospheric Sound Design (ASD) â€" Volume 1 & Volume 2, ASD Sci-Fi Volume 1. And for a killer deal check out Titan. Titan combines all 3 ASD libraries and expands it with additional songs to over 45 tracks. This also includes spaceship sounds of alien and humanoid.

For RPG & Adventure music, you won't want to miss out on the Kingdom of Light Series. Ranging from battle music, tavern music, mystical music, Victory & Death cues, scenic landscape music and much more, this is perhaps the first of it's kind that brings together an all-in-one music solution for high-quality adventure fantasy games. The list price is already an incredible bargain, but throughout this rest of this month it's absurdly low. For those wanting just tavern music, or battle music, etc.. the Kingdom of Light is also broken down into modules to serve specific needs. The Premium edition is the best bargain which includes all cues, 192 minutes.

Horror or suspense music needed? Check out 'Haunted Nature' and 'Symphony of Suspense' for stingers, swells and loops! Created for motion picture, these will add that extra professional audio touch to your games.

8-bit / sidescroller music? Make your gamers smile with 'cues from 'Happy Music'!

..and don't forget UI sounds!!! - Audio Touch.

If you like what you hear, but need custom music. Shoot me an email and we can discuss what your needs are and work on a solution. I'll be more then happy to work with you to bring your game up to the next level through the great sounding soundtrack. Thanks guys and have a great rest of the wk!


Meystari F

If you need a Icelandic translator for your games let me know.

I only translate from english to Icelandic.

I thought the admins had delete my thread. I'm new into this so didn't know I putted this in wrong place. Sorry!:-[

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