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I'm officially offering my volunteer help as a Russian translator. Me and my girlfriend can both also provide the voice acting. We're not professional, but we can get the job done if the game is entertaining enough.

I only ask that the game must be completed in its English version and have some humor to it, and that our role will not be just translators, but voice actors (so we could have some fun with it ;) ).

You can contact me at shieldmaiden24 (at)


Offering 2d/3d art and coding help for any projects that have been long overdue for release.
I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes.
Then I met the man with no feet.


Background Artist
I am very good at 2d backgrounds. I can do many styles such as cartoony or painted looking.
I am willing to help with any game I can.


Translator - English to Italian

Proof Reading

Hi guys, how you doin'?
I'm a native Italian speaker -- my name's Simone, but I prefer Sim, otherwise everyone can think I'm a French girl... :-\ Which I'm not! Trust me.
I made a bunch of AGS games in my past, and of course I never published them, because I drew my characters from my friends' photos...
Anyway, I want to reconnect with the wondrous AGS world.
I work (also) as a freelance translator, my area of expertise is subtitling (I subtitled a Jimmy Carr's show and proofread the Italian translation of some early George Carlin's gigs, so comedy is my field ;) ).

Send me a PM if you need:
- a totally free and enthusiastic Italian translator for a cool and funny non-commercial game;
- an helping hand, a partial translation or something else;
- someone who can read your italian translation and tell you if it is good or not;
- someone who will not censor your dirty words and also argue about which one is the best in that situation;
or, if you just want to add an Italian translation to your already existing game, let's see what I can do about it.

Just, please, don't give me cruel deadlines, because I'm doing this just for fun! ;) unless you pay me, but that's all another story!


Background Artist - 3D Environments

I'm interested in being involved in any sort of project what wants 3d environment art. Give me a simple sketch (just to show layout, contents of the scene and proportions) or a very detailed description (with reference images preferably) and see what I can do for you! I'm looking for fun little challenges to stretch these 3D skills of mine. Just a little bit of deadline, a hint of accountability and bam, I'll feel like a new artist!

Looking for someone to block out a scene in 3d? That's me!

Looking for someone to finally build that sketch that's been sitting on the edge of your desk? Guess what, me again!

Looking for someone to 3D-ify your pixel art and obsolete-ify your pixel characters? I can totally do that! (You know... if you want...)

Looking for brilliant lighting and models? Making an escape the room game? I am SO TOTALLY THERE!

Looking for fine organic modeling and characters? Uhhh... not so much. Maybe a plant. A little one.


No project is too small! Will work for entertaining stories! Send PM for a link to my gallery.


If you want some piece of script, you can ask me

For some money (via WebMoney)

Any AGS version

Write your request to


- background
- characters
- animation

i would like to draw for a small game (for a start)
preferrably something sci-fi, horror and/or adult
maybe something else if it's interesting.
please mail me if you have ideas

more of my stuff



Aye gotta say, you get musicians and testers here in abundance but it's great to see some art offers, indeed, great spock! :D


I do background art in pencil/chalk/pen and watercolour.

I'm currently creating my own project, but currently searching for a flash character animator / designer (which may hold things up a bit) and I've nearly completed the art for this project so will be looking to help out elsewhere soon enough.

Admittedly, I'm only really good at the art style shown below... I'm not very diverse. I'm also not very good at characters and hopeless at animation.

Looking to work on freeware... as long as I like the vibe etc.... I'm not confident enough that my work is good enough for commercial.

See below for an example of my work from my own project.

Thanks for looking!


I'll extract text and make tra for you


Hi everybody,

I'm a native Italian speaker and I'm currently working for RuM Corp.(se) Localisation Pro, a team I've made up together with my girlfriend. We both are native Italian speakers and hold a degree in English Translation. We've already worked with Team Effigy and Skygoblin, for the Italian Localization of The Marionette and The Journey Down Chapter One. Moreover, we've recently completed the English Localization (supported by a native English speaker proofreader, Ross Kevin Moffat, who is on this forum as well) of ApeMarina's Donald Dowell and the ghost of Barker Manor. As for English to Italian projects, we localize, proofread and proofgame, no need to ask for additional help. We also take note of every path and dialogue tree of the game, so that every sentence is fully contextualized.   

So yes, basically we localize games from English to Italian. We are looking for commercial projects to work on. Since we have just started our business, our fees are low and definitely negotiable. Just tell us your budget and we'll talk it out and find a way to adjust to it.

You can check out our projects at the following links:

The Marionette â€"

Donald Dowell and the ghost of Barker Manor â€"

Unfortunately, The Journey Down Chapter One has not been released yet. However, we have a recommendation letter from Theo Warn and you can easily get in touch with him.

We also translate and publish novels from English to Italian, but that's another story.

You can get in touch with us writing to

Also, you can check out our website:



My name is James Spanos, but everyone around here calls me Dualnames. Anyhow, I've worked on many projects mostly excelling in coding,
including Primordia

, Cat Lady and Downfall
, creating innovative ways for you to present your story and improve your game design.
Besides AGS I'm also working on several other engines, so if what you want is outside AGS, don't hesitate.

If you want to work on something serious and with prospect, do contact me either via Private Message or via E-mail (
Worked on Strangeland, Primordia, Hob's Barrow, The Cat Lady, Mage's Initiation, Until I Have You, Downfall, Hunie Pop, and every game in the Wadjet Eye Games catalogue (porting)


Hey all!

My name is Elijah Lucian (as I'm sure you deduced from my username) I would just like to offer my voice acting services to the developers of AGS. I am looking to fill out my portfolio with solid releases this year, so serious inquiries only.

My services are free if your game is free. My rate for indie studios is $30/hour for developers that plan on making money off their games (just to get that out of the way) usually my rate is $60 for voiceover stuff, but I am cutting a break on indie game devs. That will get you around 5 minutes of edited audio. so it's perfect for a trailer or something similar.

Anywho. I hope we can all collaborate and make some great stuff!

Oh! here is a link to my portfolio:


2D Animator for hire! (paid)

I have experience with a development team that just shipped a game on Steam called Our Darker Purpose. I'm an artist with some experience in quite a bit of disciplines, and you can see my portfolio here:

If my skillset meets your needs, email me at and we'll discuss the details. Prices vary by complexity of the project, and I charge on a per-asset basis.

Janos Biro


I'm offering my services as Translator - English to Brazilian Portuguese. I've translated a number of articles, subtitles and games.

I'm also a creative writer and game designer since 1996. My main influences are George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury, Kafka, Michael Ende and Paul Auster. I designed some computer games based on my experiences running D&D, Shadowrun and Paranoia RPG sessions. I reviewed several indie games and wrote some articles on game conception and game studies.

As I'm graduated in philosophy, I can handle concepts and topics concerning metaphysical, ethical, epistemical and political problems. I've made some research in the fields of theology and sociology.

Don't hesitate to e-mail me, either if you want to expand the reaching of your game (by making it available to the Brazilian public, which is huge), or if you want to enrich your gameworld (by adding side stories or some narrative, who knows).

My website is now offline, but here's the link:
I'm willing to translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese.



I would like to offer my services as composer.  I grew up with the classics and my favorites to this day are the Quest For Glory Series, the Monkey Island Series, and all of the others with a strong plot and challenging but not impossible puzzles.  I am absolutely shocked at the high level of games that some of you are making these days though.  I had no idea until recently that the genre was alive and well.  As my wife and I have started to play these new games, I've really developed a desire to get in on the action.

While music is my vocation and how I support my family, composing for games is a new venue for me.  All that to say, I'd love to work for cheap or maybe free, depending on the game.  I would also appreciate any feedback or critique of the reels I'm posting.

Here is a diverse sample of my composing.

This is all stuff I wrote after watching Twin Peaks.  Its all in the previous reel but shows more how I can make material that could all be used in the same game.  If anyone out there is planning on doing a Telltale style continuation of Twin Peaks, I'm definitely your man!

Here is some weird elecro-jazz I make in the off chance your game fits this bizarre niche.

Once again, critique is also very welcome.  Thanks for any time you may invest in considering hiring me to make some music for your project!



Speech/Talkie Recording
Just your friendly wandering voice actor from the depths of the internet.
Also here is the last demo reel I've put out, I should get around to making a new one.



My name is Jan Glembotzki.
For the last 10 years I've been working as a film composer, and I have provided music for documentaries, feature films, musicals and organizations/companies such as Sony, PETA, and The National Geographic.

On I do offer a constantly growing collection of free music meant to be used in your non-commercial projects.

Being a veteran roleplayer, I always wanted to provide music for a computer game, and is meant to give an impression of my skills. In case you like what you hear (and if you want to use my music in a commercial context): Hire me and get some first class music tailored to your needs.

Though the tracks are more on the Fantasy side, I plan to start a new collection soon, focussing on Sci Fi/action.

Feedback is very much appreciated.

Best regards
***  Free music for non-commercial projects:  ***

breakdown epiphanies

We are two musicians from Germany who have been working together on various projects for over 10 years.
What brings us together the rest of the time is our passion for creative and original games as well as a growing interest in game development.

That's why we are now on the look-out for projects and developers ready to collaborate on some cool games and stories. We both grew playing titles like Kyrandia
and are enjoying the resurgence of story driven adventure games. Hopefully we can be a part of it!

Listen to some of our tunes and ideas on our soundcloud page:

If you like what you hear, feel free to contact us:

Dennis and Patrick

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