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Crimson Wizard

EDIT: not available anymore.


Hello, I'm Andreas.

Of all the arts, music is most directly connected to our emotions. Without words and explanation, we intuitively relate the beat to our pulse and the key to our mood. Some people therefore consider music as the most universal form of art that can be understood by everyone. Music in games – as in movies – thus shouldn't be considered just a means to fill the silence. Done well, it is a device of storytelling equal to the visuals or the dialogues, just a little less obvious. Music can tell the story 'behind the story', make us feel the emotions that aren't visible on screen and the screenwriter was prudent enough not to spell out. R-Type and Turrican made Chris Huelsbeck a celebrity overnight and video game music a genre that could be sold on CDs. Listen to Inon Zur's Fallout soundtracks, and you can literally feel the rust and dust trickling from the notes, instantly gripping what it must be walking the lonely wastelands. Listen to Jeremy Soules Skyrim soundtrack, and you feel the heroic spirit of the Dragonborn and the excitement that discovering the northern lands hold, even though you are still in the loading screen.

I am a composer who likes games and is interested in collaboration. I have seen there are already a lot of talented and professional composers advertising here, many with a formidable portfolio and I hope that my advertisement won't be considered as rivalry. I think there are many different styles, tastes and purposes, and for people looking for a soundtrack it might be good having many options. I'm trying to work in many styles, but if I had to name two genres then it would be epic orchestral scores and world music. You can hear a small selection at my Soundcloud portfolio:

An attempt in scoring a short film:

Please note that I have currently to work to finance my studies. I therefore might work a little slower than composers that have the luxury spending 24/7 on music. On the other hand, maybe I am a bit more affordable than the big names. I am very much interested in collaboration. So if you are interested in a music, please contact me and we'll work something out.



I am game designer from Estonia. My main influences are games from 90's. I design games where story and gameplay are balanced -instead story evolving constantly, story evolves when some big goal is reached and player usually has quite many places to explore at once. My ideas range from fantasy to sci-fi to western and some of my designs involve interwinding stories that directly affect gameplay. Gameplay in my games may switch between one reality and another, player's character may try to reach personal goal at one moment and try to save day in next, or gameplay may even alternate between present and character's memories.


Hey all!  I am music composer from Saint-Petersburg.

Not sure that anyone needs big text about me here, because the point of this message is my MUSIC PORTFOLIO
So, here is a link -

My rates are negotiable (You can also read this as "Low and friendly rates")

If you have any questions and offers
Feel free to contact me:
E-mail :
Skype: kalinnikov.r

Thank you for attention
Have a good day


Hi. I'm a musician from Finland and I would love to make music for a game since i'm also a big adventure game fan. I play various instruments (and various genres) and I have a home studio with many different types of instruments including analog and digital synths so I think the scale of sound I can reduce is quite wide and can be tailored to your preferences. :)

Here is an electronic album I made with iPad Garageband on christmas because I was bored:


Hi, I'm micAmic, creator of soundtrack for famous The Cat Lady and Downfall.
If you're looking for music for your game but you don't have a budget for that - feel free to contact me at
Only serious projects.



I'm Wotansp, from Spain. I am here to offer any help I can provide at localizing your game into spanish.
I am a professional translator with (luckily) some spare time, and as a big fan of adventure games, and somebody who grew with The Dig, Full Throttle and so on... I'd help gladly.

I can also help with writing the story, or creating characters. I'm my free time I've written a lot of short fiction and I am finishing my first novel.
My fav genres are historical fiction, thrillers and overall, dystopias.

Take into account, if you are a small dev or a very little indie dev team, I won't charge for any help.

Just send me an e-mail if you need that your game needs a touch of magic (non-tech, I can barely go beyond a printf hello world)


Hello my name is Kassandra Ost

I can help out with coding and scripting.

Currently my skills are limited but I'm posting this in hopes someone with a small hobby project who needs help will respond. The reason being is I learn best from experience, so this case being my services are currently free, but still amateurish.

I am also able to do basic sprites.


Hi, I'm a Norwgian gamemusic composer and guitarist located in London. I would love to write more music for games and I'm a big fan of the Adventure and RPG genres. I've recently been working on small pieces as a showcase:

I'm currently working on some orchestral metal pieces, for dark and powerful battle/combat music, which I will upload soon! I also do audio effects, like abmbience or specific foley. If you like what you hear or have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at:



I'm a 2D traditional Animator/Artist.
Willing to provide bespoke 2D drawn animation for your project, for reasonable rates.
I am also adept in traditional drawing/painting and can utilize many styles for your needs.

My portfolio is here:

Contact me from there or at my e-mail:

More examples of my work:

Thank-you for your time. :beer:



Having just finished work on Neofeud, I am now looking to future projects to work on.

I did all of the story writing, programming, artwork, animation, almost all of the music, and voice acting for the main characters in Neofeud.  Here are some samples of my work below:




If anyone is interested in working with me, preferably in a commercial game, give me a shout out!

More on myself and my company:


Music for Champions
Looking for some interesting opportunities to compose music for. I started creating stuff twelve years ago after being inspired by the music in the King's Quest II remake by AGD Interactive, so needless to say adventure gaming is an essential element in my work.

Anyway, my name is Jon Babb and I mostly create orchestral pieces. The examples posted below are more dramatic and stand out, but I can make subtle background pieces as well:

Soul Strings
Lady of the Light
The Journey Home
The Graceful Maiden
As My Heart Beats

Please, if you have a project that you are working on and you need music then just send me a message or email me at:
I am always open to any project, so just ask!

Geoff Moore

Hi there! I create music using acoustic, orchestral and world instruments, various keyboards, synths, found sound, chopped and transformed vocal and percussion samples and sometimes all of the above. I play several instruments and have a degree in Music Technology, and in my spare time I also develop my own games, which gives me a helpful insight into your end of the process. Above all else I love to innovate and experiment.

I've created music for over thirty games in many different styles, working with each client to find the perfect sound to meet the tone, atmosphere and story of their game. The cost of my work depends on your needs, but I always keep my prices reasonable as I love being able to work on interesting indie projects. I love trying new things, so let me know what you're looking for and I'll be happy to make you a demo, free of charge and at no obligation.

Head to my simple one-page website to hear my work, read more about what I do and get in touch!

“All I can say is that if you are looking for some original music, then think seriously about talking with Geoff.” - Kes, Gemelle Games (A Timely Intervention)

"I like Geoff's style, and I'm honestly not sure he could create a bad piece if he tried. Hire him, you won't regret it." - Brian, Tiny Goblin Productions (The Book Of Shadows)

Contact me:
Visit my website:
I'm a composer for hire!



I'd like to present you the new platform where you can acquire licenses for music and sound effects:
Every file here is composed/produced/designed and owned by one person. It is a bypass for a corporative system: there are only few terms for using our products and it's definitely easier to make a specific deal with us ;)

Of course feel free to ask if you are in need of some music/sound design services! You can contact us with an e-mail:

To keep track with the new content on our site you can also follow us on Facebook. Search for Sounds4media - music and sound effects library or click link: We also post some news, interesting stuff about sound design etc.


Hi AGSers, I've been putting this out there to the internets and figured I'd give you folks a heads up on it as well, as there are some pretty writerly folks that populate these here woods.

I'm currently looking at potentially working with a writer to turn their story into a game -- most likely a story-heavy adventure game. I've been posting my recently released adventure game, Neofeud, a lot, but here's a link for convenience:

I was the sole developer (writer, programmer, art, animation, music, etc), and I'm interested in potentially doing something similar, but collaborating with a writer.

If you already have a great story on hand with a cool setting, compelling characters, somewhat original, I'm looking at just kind of converting the existing story into a game format.  My favorite flavors are sci-fi, cyberpunk, post-apoc, and the like, but doesn't have to be that.  Investigative / mystery type stuff tends to work well for adventure games, but doesn't necessarily have to be pigeonholed there either.   Story is King, as they say.

Let me know if anyone is interested, thanks!


Hello there!
  My name is Tamara and I've been doing voice over professionally for over 5 years. Credits include ARK, Dragon Ball Super, Shiness, Atelier Firis and more. I work out of my home studio, which is equipped with a double wall booth, CAD GXL2200 Mic, and Preamp. I can be directed live via Skype or Source Connect.

My rate is $200/hr unless you have something like 3 or 5 lines that need to be done, then we can negotiate.


Additional demos and samples can be heard on my website:

My process
If we work together, what I need is a full and completed script. This will help cut down on costs since we won't have to keep re-recording every time there is a script change. I normally record at 44100 kHz 16-bit and deliver .wav files. If you require a different setting, just let me know. I'm also very flexible and can usually record your script within a day or two.

"From the second I heard her audition I knew that Tamara was going to be an outstanding addition to our cast. As the game's central protagonist Tamara's work had to be exceptional and she delivered in spades. She was a delight to direct and I'm looking forward to working with her again."

- Michael Csurics (Brightskull Entertainment Group)

"Tamara did a wonderful job executing on a very unusual set of voice assets. There were no words; only exertions, grunts, yelling and suffering. But even with those primal noises, Tamara was still able to convey the female's brave survivalist character we had envisioned for our project all along."

- Stephen Baker (Studio Wildcard)

Keep in Touch!

I understand you might not need voice over right this instant, so please follow me on Twitter or Facebook so we can keep in touch!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!



Hello my name is Simon Hanna. I am a music composer inspired by video games and Japanese anime. I write orchestra/hybrid, retro and others styles.  I look forward to getting to know the community and seeing all the great projects everyone is working on.

I've linked my showreel; If you like what you hear you can contact me at and we can chat about your upcoming project. 

You can find more info on my website:

Simon Hanna


Hello everyone!

My name is Bryan Davis and I have a love for good games and great music! I work full time as a game composer, and love every minute of it. Music is something special, something magical. Whether we realize it or not, music has a huge impact on our attitudes and emotions. When someone is angry, often times they will listen to music that drives their anger even further. When at peace, many people will turn to soft strings or pianos to drift further into their blissful state. Sometimes, when people are having a bad day, they turn to uplifting and inspiring music to try and bring themselves out of the mire they've found themselves in. Our attitudes dictate the music we listen to and, in turn, the music we listen to dictates our emotions.

Emotions, that is the role of music in video games. To create an emotional landscape for the player to dive into. As a composer, it is my job to create that atmosphere. To use my powers of audio manipulation to control the very emotions of every soul that plays your game (I feel so powerful!). Music is my passion, it's what drives me as I journey through life. Here on this thread I'd like to share some of my music. I do hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you'd like to enlist my musical powers for your worthy cause (Gaming is a very worthy cause!), simply send me a message and tell me about your project. Most of my work is orchestral, but I do have a few chiptunes in my portfolio. If you don't hear what you're looking for, message me anyway. I love trying out new styles and am always looking for a new challenge to tackle! My rates vary depending on the project, but will usually fit any budget. So let's join forces, and together we shall conquer the world! Or…well…at least a small corner of the gaming world. Yes, that, we shall conquer!

Demo Reel




I've been illustrating for a while now and would love to be involved with game art.  Some of my work is available at and my instagram @ndcanton, and I can send more over if you reach out.  I'm also interested in applying my skills to styles that I don't have in my portfolio (pixel art, for example) and would be happy to discuss stylistic departures.

Look forward to working together,



Hey there!

My name is Danny and I do voice acting. I have professional equipment and want to help in your projects. Either email me or send me a pm! I do not currently have a demo reel however will send you any voice reel you send me a script for!

Everything I do for you will be free. I do not charge for this.

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