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Hi all,

My name is Nikita. I'm music composer and I want to offer my exclusive royalty-free music tracks for adventure games.
I write not only adventure but cinematic/romantic style music which is also great to use in games (background, credits, titles etc.)

Here is a link to some of my adventure/epic tracks:
"Epic Adventure" -
"Epic Cinematic Orchestra" -

And my portfolio:

Contact me if you like it, so we can co-operate! Thank you!

Vandal Valo


I'm offering English - Russian(Native) translation services.

As a skilled translator and an experienced gamer I know how important is a good translation for a game. I can make it good.
For AGS projects I can offer my services for free, so that I can put it in my portfolio.


My Facebook profile.
My portfolio


Playtesting and Turkish Translation

Hi, my name is Eren and I want to help people by testing and translating games to Turkish.
I am unexperienced in both, and don't wait some perfect translation from me, but I believe I can make it ok.



I'm looking for paid work, freelance or full-time projects.   Currently available for small-scale projects only.
I'm mainly interested in pixel art jobs, but can also help out with writing and game design or develop an entire AGS game for you.

I've made four small AGS games myself (Don't Drink the Pink, Scenario 5B, Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer! and Don't Ice Your Cool) and graphics for one other (U-ROPA).
Currently I'm working on Kingdom of Ehcilc and Echo in the Clouds as hobby projects and occasionally help my brother with Office Management 101.

My monthly living costs are around â,¬300 ($350), so I can afford to work for a very reasonable price.

Here's the pixel portfolio:
And some examples of my work:


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or send an email at



Hi all,

I like to team up with someone (or join a team) in order to make a freeware, non-steam adventure game. I have made two remakes, Black Sect and Gateway and a RON game, Night and Day. And helped out with scripting, puzzles and music for a couple of other games, see my profile for examples.

I specifically enjoy puzzle design and scripting but can also help with story and music.
Style or genre is not really important to me, as long as we're going to make the most of it.

Let me know (pm) if you have any questions.
Thanks :)

Nikky Oryzano

Hi, My name is Nikky. I'm a 31 year old 2D graphic designer (vector) with years of experience, available full time for freelance work. I also had experience on making my own games for 2 years. I can do characters, items, animations, backgrounds, re-skinning, UI design, game cover, icons, logos, and any other kind of 2D art assets. My rate at the moment is $14 per hour, I can also work with a fixed price (with an asset list and a request art style). Well, I usually make deal on a fixed price after estimating the cost to the clients. Or maybe if you have some kind of budget for the art work, we can start negotiate from that.

I work fast, understand deadline, work on weekends and holidays, understand time zone deference, I don't sleep to much anyway, prefer Paypal for safe payments, not interested in profit sharing, or free works. I'm full-time freelance so my focus is on this.

I can do most Graphic Art style (vector base). I usually do a test run of one or two of the clients request assets (usually clients also has a request type of style) to make sure the style, design, coolness, cuteness, etc fits them, no need to pay if the test run result doesn't fit you. But if it does, then lets do more actions!

Feel free for asking me the estimate of the cost, it maybe cheaper then you think it is.
You can email me at

My website

You can see some of my portfolio for many games here :

Here are some of my works :

2D Cartoon Art Work Game Assets Service :
I can work on fixed price (based on my $14 per hour rate estimate), I do need a list of the assets to calculate.
You can email me at for more details.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Emily and I'm available for providing the following services within a paid contract:

Background Art
Character Art
Animation/Character Animation

For samples of my work, you can visit:

For testimonials written by past clients, you can visit:

If you're interested in having me on your project, please feel free to contact me at to ensure my receipt of your messages. I hope you enjoy my work, thank you for your time and consideration.



I am available to compose music for projects -- anything from simple underscore to epic orchestral productions. Just let me know what you want and I am at your disposal.

Here is an example of my work:

If you prefer to contact via email:

Make adventure games great again.


Salut! My name is Rachel, I am French/French Canadian, and I am available to translate your game from English to French or French to English, comme vous préférez! I can also proof read in both languages. I also have a background in theatre and can do voice work in both French and English, although I do have a (very intelligible) accent when I speak English (apparently, I sound German/Danish. Go figure).
Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like to know more and/or would like my help!
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Guess I should "renew" my offer of services, so to speak.

So yeah, I'm DBoyWheeler.  I'm not much when it comes to art or music.  But when it comes to storywriting, I'm quite good.

The services I can offer:
Voice Acting: I sound kind of monotone if I'm not talking directly to another person, but I can sure try.  Maybe play as a character who has kind of a neutral personality (but can still help the protagonist with some info), or maybe a scientist/geek type.

Proofreading: I can proofread dialogues and stuff, and make sure that the text follows proper spelling and grammar.

Story Design: Sure, I'm glad to discuss story ideas, some suggestions for puzzles, and maybe a few quirks of the characters.


Hello all. My name is Justin and I'm a freelance composer in search of new projects.

Since graduating with my BA in Composition in 2010 I have been working exclusively in the realm of video games. I have provided music for both PC and Mobile titles, most recently the point-and-click adventure musical Midnight at the Celestial Palace. Development teams I've worked with include groups like BlipHaus Design and Crystal Shard.

You can find examples of my work on my SoundCloud page.

Please note that I am looking for paid work only at this time. However, I am willing to negotiate on my fee for the right project. You can contact me at justin @ (spaces removed.)

Thanks for reading. Happy game-making, everyone!



I am MapleMills and I am a musician/composer who writes music in a primarily orchestral/cinematic style, but I can also do electronic and hybrid scores. I can do everything from epic battle fanfares to calming and melodic compositions. I would love to score your game.

Contact me via:

Epic composition:

Melodic, uplifting composition:

Contact me via:


Hi there!

My name is Tormod Garvin, I'm a video game composer and guitarist based in London. I love making strange and whimsical music, as well as dark, sinister and sometimes disturbing music. I do sound effects and foley as well. Recently I've been experimenting with quite a wide variety of genres for different projects, and compiled some smaller samples together in a small showreel from the last month. Have a listen and let me know what you think:

Last year I had the joy of being part of a game called “Cattails” that was released last December, where I made a 45 minute soundtrack, which you can hear some sneak-peeks from here:

If you like what you hear or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on a PM or at .

Looking forward to hearing from you!


My name ist tobi weiss and i've been composing for films, trailers and games for  5 years now.

Right now i'm looking for new and exciting game/trailer projects.
My previous project i took part was the ios game "nory's escape", which received the first price at the 2017 Respawn Indie Game Expo (powered by Amazon) in cologne.

I primarily enjoy creating orchestral & maybe slightly hybrid music - but fortunately i was able to get a lot of experiences in a big spectrum of musical genres by working for a lot of people with different wishes.  You're welcome to read more about me and my music at my website .
I attached a link to my showreel on my website. There you are able to see some work i did for short movies, corporate stuff, theatre and games. You also get a big playlist of independant Tracks i composed.
All the tracks in the upper area of the showreel + every track on the soundcloud playlist are independant work. So if you like the Idea of one of those tracks it's possible to use a motiv or the theme of the track as a base for your music.
But of course i'm also looking forward to compose something from scratch based on your ideas.

Tobi Weiss


Hello there!
  My name is Tamara and I've been doing voice over professionally for over 5 years. Credits include ARK, Dragon Ball Super, Shiness, Atelier Firis and more. I work out of my home studio, which is equipped with a double wall booth, CAD GXL2200 Mic, and Preamp. I can be directed live via Skype or Source Connect.

My rate is $250/hr unless you have something like 3 or 5 lines that need to be done, then we can negotiate.


Additional demos and samples can be heard on my website:

My process
If we work together, what I need is a full and completed script. This will help cut down on costs since we won't have to keep re-recording every time there is a script change. I normally record at 44100 kHz 16-bit and deliver .wav files. If you require a different setting, just let me know. I'm also very flexible and can usually record your script within a day or two.

"From the second I heard her audition I knew that Tamara was going to be an outstanding addition to our cast. As the game's central protagonist Tamara's work had to be exceptional and she delivered in spades. She was a delight to direct and I'm looking forward to working with her again."

- Michael Csurics (Brightskull Entertainment Group)

"Tamara did a wonderful job executing on a very unusual set of voice assets. There were no words; only exertions, grunts, yelling and suffering. But even with those primal noises, Tamara was still able to convey the female's brave survivalist character we had envisioned for our project all along."

- Stephen Baker (Studio Wildcard)

Keep in Touch!

I understand you might not need voice over right this instant, so please follow me on Twitter or Facebook so we can keep in touch!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!


Portfolio :
Twitter :
Instagram :
Email :

Hi, I'm Kandi Maciejewski. I'm an industry veteran with ten years of experience as a game artist.  I've worked for industry giant Electronic Arts and freelanced internationally for dozens of smaller companies.  My breadth of experience allows me to create high quality art assets of all kinds: characters, animations, visual fx, environments, concepts and user interface design.

Please contact me by email for all business inquiries.


Hey, I'm Kinetik, and I compose music for various types of games. I'm an audio engineering graduate from SAE, and I'm able to work with various genres (orchestral, electronic, ambient, etc.) for the best fit for your project.

Here's a sample of some of my works so that you can check out my work:

False Elergy OST:
Japanese Battle track:
Chiptune track:

You can check out the rest of my soundcloud for other samples of my work!

I'm available to work as a Sound Designer/Composer/Audio Engineer, so whether you're interested in getting custom music/SFX or just having someone mix/master your audio, hit me up with a PM/email if you're interested and we'll see how it goes from there! Pricing-wise I'm pretty flexible, and you can contact me through my email at!

Thanks for the time, and I'm looking forward to working with you!


Hello adventurers!!! My name is Stelios and I am a musician. I play the keyboards. I would like to compose music for an adventure. My ideal goal is to score an open world game, like the Rubacava of Grim Fandango, the tri-island area of Monkey Island 2 or the Ankh-Morpork of Discworld 1. Feel free to send me a personal message to discuss about your project. I am looking forward!! In the meantime you can hear my music on the following links:
I should have listened to my mother---I should have practised.


music composer looking for work.
Mainly done music for films and theater.
At the moment, composing music for a game using Wwise.
First time using Wwise but pretty fluent using Fmod.
Booked up until middle of september composing for few short films.

Here's few game trailers i've rescored (Rime, Talewind Fez etc.)



Hi There,

My name is Paul Carter. Music Composer/ performer/ teacher, looking to get my teeth sunk into a project that appeals to me. I'm a big fan of Lucas Arts style point and click adventures! There are some examples of my musical compositions at the following links:



House of the Maniacs:

If any of the above resonates with you, please send me a PM, then I'd be happy for us to get in touch to discuss further.

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