Sam and Max 2 Cancelled! (Not Anymore)

Started by magintz, Wed 03/03/2004 19:13:20

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This was bought to my attention by Inkoddi on IRC just a minute ago!

"LucasArts has decided to stop production on Sam & Max..."

Full article can be found here:
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Shit! Apparently AGS is the only reduct of the old feeling good adventure makers!

I really wanted to see this game...  :'(
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Oh surprise, surprise, the adventure game gets cancelled....

Expect to see another 17 or so Star Wars games getting pumped out of Lucasarts in the next year or so. It's all they ever do anymore.

I was looking forward to Sam & Max 2. Damn.

Matt Frith

Bah this sucks

Tier Curses Lucas Arts....twice

"not the appropriate time to launch a graphic adventure on the PC" - Is that not the worst reason ever given?

It was a good looking game from the things that i had seen :'(


Don't worry, they plan to release it in 1994.


I must admit I didn't find it that much of a suprise after FF2 was cancelled. They won't be able to fool anyone with thier excuses this time.

I wonder if this means no MI5 too?


LucasArts is a big bunch of moronic shitheads these days, so while I may not be SURPRISED, I'm pretty pissed about it.

Anyway, check out http://www.mixnmojo for a fair and balanced editorial on the matter.  Adventure Gamers will have a few opinion pieces later in the day as well.
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Lucasarts... poopheads...

cancelling Sam & Max for some lame Star Wars game


Here's a constructive reply, and explanation:

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Who is this " Mike Nelson, Acting General Manager and VP of Finance and Operations"?

"Finance and Operations"...  >:(
Since when "Finance managers" rule The lucas Arts which made DOTT, Sam&Max,...?

Sad but True

Lazy Z

Well that sucks.  I can understand cancelling FT2 'cuz that looked horrible, but Sam and Max? Idiots...
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Can someone say they're going to boycott LucasArts games unless Sam and Max goes back into production? I'm telling that to LucasArts, and I'd like someone behind me.

By the way, Mike Nelson's (the idiot who said it was not the appropriate time to release it) email address is

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Remixor - a good read ... still, they are a 'big bunch of moronic shitheads these days'.

I was pissed when FT2 was axed.  Now S&M2?


I was thinking people might FINALLY be getting sick of boring FPSs and Adventures would make a comeback.

God I hate FPSs ....

~ d


My email to LucasArts... I suggest others write similar letters (though in retrospect it probably didn't need to be this long):

You're all probably getting a lot of email right now, but please read this one.  There are very valid concerns you need to address.

Hey there, guys.  You've lost another fan.  I'm sure this happens all the time, especially considering your business practices in the last five years or so, but I figured I'd let you know.  So wow's it feel to be high up in one of the most laughable and unessential game studios working today?  Do you ever wonder why people like Schafer, Gilbert, Grossman, Land, Chan, Ahern, Ackley, and others (like Jeffery recently) left?  The sad thing is, you probably don't.  I love how consistently over the last several years, and in particular this morning, you have managed to take a game company synonomous with innovation and unbridled creativity for most of the 90s and turn it into a completely bland and mundane third-party publisher (after all, you guys don't seem to be interested in the whole GAME DEVELOPMENT thing) who I can guarantee nobody envies.  So you're just not big on good games?  Is that what it is now?  You saw fit to RUSH Armed and Dangerous out the door when it's obvious a Christmas release wasn't necessary, to push the completely uninspiring RTX and Wrath Unleashed into stores and then turn your back on one of the most beloved franchises you have ever owned?  Great thinking.  So that's what you guys call "careful evaluation of current market place realities"?  What'd you do, walk down to the local Electronic Boutiques and count the number of adventures on the shelf?  Pardon me if I don't really have the utmost respect for your brilliant analysts.  Try listening to the press or to the fans, who, I may add, don't seem to give a shit about your other current games (hooray for, hooray for RTX?  er...), but who were doing things like naming Sam and Max one of the best upcoming titles of 2004.  Let's switch gears a bit.  You know, this is entirely specific to me, but I was a LucasArts fan since 1992.  I grew up with your damn company, and for the good part of the entire decade you were respected by your peers in the industry, by the media, and by your legions of fans.  Sometimes I wonder why I stuck with you so long after it was obvious that your hard-earned reputation had become worthless.  Well, I'm not wondering anymore because now I just don't give a shit.  I mean, what do I have to look forward to?  More Star Wars games?  Great.  That's really what I need.  In case you haven't noticed, we are up to our asses in Star Wars games.  I don't know which of you were around at the founding of this company (probably not many, if any), but for all his faults George Lucas established LucasFilm Games so they could create and foster original intellectual property, not just ride on the success of mediocre Star Wars game after shitty Star Wars game, while publishing some half-ass third-party titles.  I don't think many people have much faith in old George anymore, but that doesn't mean you guys had to follow suit and descend into worthlessness.  Well, what does it matter what I think?  After all, I'm just representative of your once-loyal fanbase who you have alienated again and again, past any sane point of loyalty.  Have fun making your games.  I hope all this brilliant "analysis" works out for you.

Chris Remo
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PS. I'll sure to stop by at GDC in a few weeks and say hello.  You can fill me in on how all your smartypants sales analysts are doing.
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We should tell them that it wasnt the people who were in the search of adventure games in the 90's. It was LUCASARTS who made them WANT the games. Dont they understand that they STILL have the POWER to birng that back. It just isnt about the people, it is about STRONG WILL!
If LA (not lec?) wants to make AG popular again, IT CAN!

You know?
Without LucasArts, there would be no Adventure games we know today!!!!
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One day, gamers will be bored of all this WII fps,

One day, parents will understand that movies-based games are the worst gift to buy.

This day, myfriends, will be the Day of the Tentacle  ;D

Czar is right: fps, Sims & Co were "new" concepts and this is why the games were Sierra & Lucas Art have the opportunity to offer a "new" type of games -adventure games- to a "new" generation of gamers


People over at Gamespot are being monkeyfuckers about it.

Here's a quote

I'm boycotting LucasArts games. Someone want to second the motion?



No, would you rather them release a game that gets a score of 4.9 and put a mark on the original game? The only conslusion I can come up with is that the game was really bad.



No, it's because all their recent games that don't have Star Wars in the title were not critically acclaimed. If the game is bad, they should just say it, rather than saying it's "not the appropriate time" to release it.



That's industry code for "this game sucks ass". They don't want to offend everyone who worked on the game by saying "the game you worked on for 60 hours a week for 2 years sucks".


You're really pissing me off. Just shut it.



yeah you're right lets not use logic and put our fanboy goggles on. They must of canceled it because it was going to be so great.

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Hah.  They cancelled it because their sales department is a bunch of morons.  If LEC actually cancelled things because they're BAD, why did we get shit like RTX Red Rock and Wrath Unleashed?
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Even though no one wants another Star Wars game and the like, it doesn't mean to me that Sam And Max 2 was going to be great. I mean, I think it's possible that they just realized that the game wasn't good enough and it wasn't coming out as it was imagined to. I don't think it has to be made an adventure game genre issue.

Ytterbium, I think Drownage makes logical points. Obviously you think he's wrong. Don't tell him to shut up, prove him that he is wrong. Please.

Anyway, I'm sad to hear there won't be a good adventure game coming out after all. Would have been great. Oh well.

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