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GUI Label functions and properties

BringToFront (inherited)
Clickable property (inherited)
Enabled property (inherited)
Height property (inherited)
ID property (inherited)
OwningGUI property (inherited)
SendToBack (inherited)
SetPosition (inherited)
SetSize (inherited)
Visible property (inherited)
Width property (inherited)
X property (inherited)
Y property (inherited)
ZOrder property (inherited)

Font property (label)
Text property (label)
TextColor property (label)

Font property (label)

(Formerly known as SetLabelFont, which is now obsolete)
FontType Label.Font;
Gets/sets the font used to display the label's text. This is useful if you have a standard SCI font for your English version, but want to change to a TTF font for foreign language versions.


if (IsTranslationAvailable()) {
  lblStatus.Font = eFontForeign;
will change label 'lblStatus' to use font "Foreign" if a game translation is in use.

See Also: IsTranslationAvailable, Label.Text, TextBox.Font

Text property (label)

(Formerly known as SetLabelText, which is now obsolete)
(Formerly known as Label.GetText, which is now obsolete)
(Formerly known as Label.SetText, which is now obsolete)
String Label.Text;
Gets/sets the text displayed in the specified label. This allows you to change the text during the game, for example to create a Lucasarts-style status line.


lblStatus.Text = Game.GetLocationName(mouse.x, mouse.y);
will display the name of the location the cursor is over on label 'lblStatus'

See Also: Button.NormalGraphic, Button.Text, Label.TextColor, Label.Font

TextColor property (label)

(Formerly known as SetLabelColor, which is now obsolete)
int Label.TextColor;
Gets/sets the text colour used to display the label's text.


lblStatus.TextColor = 14;
will change label 'lblStatus' to have yellow text.

See Also: Label.Font, Label.Text

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