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Parser functions



static int Parser.FindWordID(string wordToFind)
Looks up wordToFind in the text parser dictionary, and returns the ID number.

If the word is not found, returns -1.
Otherwise, the Word Group number is returned, as seen in the Text Parser tab in the editor.

You can determine if two words are synonyms by looking them both up and seeing if the returned IDs are the same.

Ignore words are returned as ID 0.

This function is useful if you want to use the AGS Text Parser dictionary, but implement some custom parsing functionality instead of using the standard ParseText function.


 if (Parser.FindWordID("machine") > 0)
   Display("machine is in the game dictionary");
will display a message if the game dictionary includes "machine"

Compatibility: Supported by AGS 3.1.0 and later versions.

See Also: Parser.ParseText


static Parser.ParseText(string text)
Stores the supplied user text string for later use by Said. You need to call this command first with the user's input before using the Said command. You would usually call this inside the text box's OnActivate event handler.


 String command = txtParser.Text;
will get the players input and store it in string "command" for use with the said command.

See Also: Parser.FindWordID, Parser.Said


static bool Parser.Said(string text)
Checks whether the player typed in TEXT in their input passed to ParseText. Returns true if it matches, false otherwise.

See the text parser documentation for a more detailed description.


String input = txtParserInput.Text;
if (Parser.Said("load")) {
  txtParserInput.Text = "";
will bring up the restore game dialogue if the player types "load" in the text parser.

See Also: Parser.ParseText, Parser.SaidUnknownWord


static String Parser.SaidUnknownWord()
If a word not in the game dictionary was submitted to the last ParseText call, then the word is returned by this command. This allows you to display a message like "Sorry, this game doesn't recognise 'XXXX'."

If all the words were recognised, this returns null.


String badWord = Parser.SaidUnknownWord();
if (badWord != null)
   Display("You can't use '%s' in this game.", badWord);
will display the message if the player types a word that's not in the vocabulary.

See Also: Parser.ParseText, Parser.Said

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