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System limits

This section tells you the maximums for various parts of the system. If you have been wondering "How many rooms can I have?" or something similar, chances are this section will answer it.

There are maximum...

      40  objects per room
     299  state-saving rooms per game
     300  inventory items
   30000  imported sprites
      30  options per dialog topic
      20  screen overlays at a time
       5  background frames per room
      20  mouse cursors
       8  audio channels
     100  local messages per room (excluding script)
      30  fonts
unlimited words in the text parser dictionary
unlimited characters
unlimited dialog topics
unlimited views
unlimited GUIs
unlimited controls on each GUI
unlimited loops per view
unlimited frames per loop
unlimited custom properties
We are working on removing existing limitations in the AGS, so some of the remaining restrictions might be loosened or eliminated in the following updates.
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