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Anonymous usage information

AGS contains an option to send anonymous usage information to the AGS website. But what is it all about and why would you want to do so?

What information does it send?

The following is the information that AGS currently sends to the server.

That's it. Nothing else is sent, no personal details or scripts from your games or anything like that.

Why should I enable this?

By having a clearer picture of what types of system people are running, it allows us to make better decisions about future versions of AGS. Here are some examples of where it will be useful:

If you object to this very basic information being submitted to AGS, you can turn it off in the Preferences window. However, by doing so you may lose out in the long run if AGS features are developed that will not work on your system.

When does it send this information?

The editor contacts the AGS website once a month and sends it these details.

Will games that I make contact the AGS website?

No, only the editor does this.

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